My Hopeless Hope - A One Direction FANFICTION

Three years after her family tragedy, Jamie battles more than her own guilt. With no one to fall on but her abusive boyfriend, her problems get worse. After she escapes, will she find someone to protect her? Or will her boyfriend find a way to snake her way back into her life? (Based off of One Direction) WARNING: Contains self harm, eating disorder, language, and cases of rape.


16. Reunion

Jamie POV

"What are you doing?" His voice rang out clear, as he stood frozen in the doorway, his eyes locked onto my pink duffle bag. I swallowed before continuing to move about, collecting jeans and shirts. "No." He said, unpacking the things that were currently in my bag. "No. You are not doing this." I turned, looking out the window, my hand clasped over my mouth to try and keep my emotions in check. Buzzzz. I pulled the phone out of my back pocket and almost screamed at what I saw. I ran to the other window, pulling it open to see Niall sitting in the backyard. I swallowed, glancing down at the picture which was a front view of Niall sitting there. I scrolled down to see the actual message. 'Come home Jamie.'

Large arms encircled my waist from behind. "Please. Let me help. Don't run away from me." I turned in his arms and his hard eyes met mine. A line formed in between his brows as he concentrated on my face. I threw my hands up as I sobbed. "I don't know what to do." His large hands clasped mine. "About what?" His warm breath hovered over my head. "Dan needs me to come home, Harry. I have to go." He quickly pulled me away from him. "What?! No, you're not going back!" He says, shaking his head. "He knows where I am. He just took a picture of Niall from Pete's sake! I can't just stand back and let him threaten you guys." He held his hand out and I gave him my phone. Scrolling, he scoffed in disgust.

"He can't do anything Jamie. We're safe here. He just holds this power over you, and you crumble every time he tries anything." I turned to him, eyes wide. "Because I know what he can do Harry. I'm scared for a reason." I said, my breath hitching as uncomfortable memories flooded my vision. "Hey, hey. I didn't mean it like that." He pulled me back into his arms. "I just don't want you to make a quick decision. We can all talk about it and think what we need to do." I nodded in his warm chest. "I'll clean up here, you can go talk to.." He cleared his throat, turning from me. "..Niall." I cocked my head to the side for a second, watching his sculpted arms pick up my clothing.

I snapped out of my gaze and turned towards the stairs. My body was still sore from everything that happened. I stopped mid-step as I heard soft voices coming from the kitchen. Pursing my lips, I followed the sound. My mouth dropped as I saw a girl next to Niall, her blonde-strawberry hair flowing over his arm that was tightly wrapped around her shoulders. I watched as he leaned in, pulling a piece of stray hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear. Her complexion was pale, just like Niall, but flawless. He leaned in, whispering something in her ear. She smiled, looking at the floor as she blushed.

I shut my mouth as tears welled up in my eyes. Before I knew what I was doing, I bounded up the stairs, slamming the bedroom door behind me as I sunk to the floor. I jumped when a hand settled on my knee. Harry. I didn't think twice before I threw myself into his arms.

Niall POV

I whistled as I got up from the ground, softly padding the grass off of my jeans. Glancing up at the window, I squinted as I saw Jamie in Harry's arms. His face was pressed against the top of her head, holding her to his chest. I huffed, wondering why my comfort never seemed to be enough for her. "Hey man." Zayn said, following my gaze. "Don't take it that way. She just relates better to Harry. Ya know, like brother and sister." Zayn said, walking with me back to the house. "Yeah, but I wouldn't look at my sister like his does her." Zayn's eyes stayed on mine for another moment before looking away. He couldn't say anything against it, knowing it was true. Jamie and Harry had something. I couldn't exactly put my finger on it, until I saw the way he looked at her. The adoration in his eyes at her every movement. She however, was clueless. I sighed.

A soft knock brought me out of my thoughts. I opened it to see a girl standing with her back towards me. "Can I help you?" I asked. She jumped a bit, before turning towards me, her hair flowing with her. I looked at her petite frame, frowning as some sort of familiarity blew over me. Her eyes met mine, and I instantly knew. I'd only seen those unique eyes once. "Ella?" I asked breathlessly. I reached out, almost thinking I was just dreaming. "Nialler." She confirmed, stepping into my arms. I snapped my eyes shut, running my hand through her silky hair, over her soft skin- just like I remembered.

** "Oh, Ella, don't cry." I pleaded as she softly sniffled, holding back the tears that threatened to fall. Her eyes that once reminded me of a soft rain were cloudy, the grey darkening in them as she looked up at me. I took her hands in mine, pressing a kiss to the inside of her wrist. "I have something for you." Her beautiful face contorted in confusion. I smiled, kissing her cheek before turning to get the large white package with a huge red bow on it. Her face lit up, a smile spreading across her mouth as she reached for it. I watched as she eagerly opened it, trying to burn every one of her movements into my memory. She pulled out the dark blue ballet dress, hundreds of beads sparkling in the light. "For your upcoming recital." I explained. She looked down, her long hair hiding her face. "I know how much you love dancing. You outshine everyone, Ella." She looked up, tears streaming down her face. "I love you so much, Ni." She said, pulling me into her arms. "I'll write, every day." She promised. "I love you Ella. I don't care how long it takes, but I will come back to you." I kissed her one last time, before she turned and walked out the door.**

It's been five years, and that was the last time I had saw her. That's when I was placed with the boys at the start. I had been able to come back to Ireland to pack, and to say goodbye to my family and the ones I loved. Ella was elated for me, but I could see the pain behind her eyes when she knew it would be months or even years before I could see her again. She wrote, just like she promised, every day. I replied at the start, but had been far too busy to write back all the time. After a while the letters had stopped completely. As I stare into her eyes now, I can't believe I had forgotten about the girl I had so desperately loved. The girl I had promised to marry. The one I promised to come back to.

I felt hot tears prickle at the back of my eyes as I pulled away from her. "Why-why are you here? God, don't you hate me?" I said, roughly kicking a few stray rocks on the porch. Her small hand found mine, instantly calming me. "No." She said, simply. "You followed your dream and I followed mine. We both got a little side tracked. That's all." She said as she played with my fingers. "But I didn't write back, I didn't-" I was cut off as her fingers brought my chin up. "But you remembered Niall. Mom said you came back when I was at college." My eyes widened. "Did you go? For writing I mean?" She nodded eagerly. "I got a full scholarship on it, Ni." I laughed and picked her up, twirling her around. "I missed you Niall." She said, her tone falling as we stood only inches apart. I leaned in, kissing her. Familiar warmth spread through me, but got cut off when the door flew open.

Zayn POV

I walked to the door after realizing just how long Niall had been gone. Running a hand through my hair, I opened it, my eyes bulging from my head at what I saw. "Uhhh. Am I, uhm, interrupting?" Both Niall and the girl blushed red, the girl taking a step behind Niall. He cleared his throat. "N-n-no." He shuddered, reaching for her hand. "Zayn, this is Ella. I don't know if you remember me talking-" I grabbed my stomach as I laughed. Niall wouldn't shut up about his 'princess' he left behind. "Of course I remember. She's all you talked about, lad." His blush deepened. "It's nice to finally meet you though." I added, as she shyly smiled. I opened the door wider, stepping out of the way and gesturing them inside. As I closed the door, watched as he moved with her, his eyes trained on her as he showed her around.

We finally stopped in the kitchen, and I handed her a glace of water as we talked. I shifted on my feet. As they talked is more like it. He held her much to close for my liking. Yeah, they loved each other, but he's with Jamie now. I felt a small swell of anger as I remembered the fact that he just kissed this girl. Looking up at the ceiling, I silently prayed that she didn't come downstairs. They held their own silent conversation as we talked about her school. "What?" Niall asked loudly. She shyed away, almost looking embarrassed. "But you loved dancing." He protested. She lightly laughed. "I wasn't any good at it though. Plus, I'm happy where I am now. That's what matters." She said with a shrug. He swept a piece of her hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her eye. He leaned in, whispering some lovely-dovey nonsense on how he thought she was a wonderful dancer and how beautiful she still is. I rolled my eyes as she blushed.

That's when I caught it in my vision.

A stand of brown hair. I leaned forward, squinting my eyes around the corner, hoping I was wrong. I swallowed as I saw her standing there. A hand reached up to close her gaping mouth as tears streamed down her cheeks. She turned on her heal, silently running up the stairs. I stole a glance at Niall and Ella, still in their own world, before I followed her up the stairs. I winced as the door was slammed in my face. Turning the nob, I walked in to find her openly sobbing in Harry's arms. His fingers pulled through her hair and threw a confused look in my direction. I mouthed 'Niall' and his grip on her instantly tightened. Harry took a deep breath before fishing her phone out of his pocket and handing it to me over Jamie. "Look." Was all he said, as his turned his attention back to Jamie. I scrolled through, opening the previous message. I squeezed the phone, anger rising in me as I looked down at Jamie breaking apart. The screen cracked and went black and I clenched it in my hand before throwing it loudly at the wall.

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