My Hopeless Hope - A One Direction FANFICTION

Three years after her family tragedy, Jamie battles more than her own guilt. With no one to fall on but her abusive boyfriend, her problems get worse. After she escapes, will she find someone to protect her? Or will her boyfriend find a way to snake her way back into her life? (Based off of One Direction) WARNING: Contains self harm, eating disorder, language, and cases of rape.


5. Power Rangers

Louis POV

I felt her warm tears and breath in my shirt. Poor darling. I gave a glance to the boys who silently shook their heads and started to leave. Niall still stood there, horror sweeping across his face. He slowly came into the room and grabbed Jamie's arm, which was out of my sight.

I was going to ask what was wrong when he brokenly mumbled, "Oh my God." He lifted Jamie's arm, which the wrist part of her sweater was completely soaked red. I barely had time to react before she pulled her arm away so violently and pulled it behind her back.

"Jamie," Niall started, "please let me have a look." She shook her head and mumbled an "I'm fine." Niall sat down in front of us and placed his hand on her leg. I felt her jump, but she didn't pull away from us. "Why would you do this to yourself Jamie." He questioned.

Little Niall looked almost as pale as his hair. I thought back to his family and I realized he probably hasn't gone through anything this traumatic before. "We'll listen to you, whatever you have to say. Right Louis?" He looked up at me. "Of course love. We are all here for you. Just let us help you bandage it so you feel better, ok?" I placed my hand on either side of her face and pulled away. I smiled down at her.

Her eyes looked distant. I wonder what dark thoughts clouded that pretty head. Niall had gone and got a warm towel and a roll of bandage. He slowly reached out and took her hand. She laid her forehead back on my chest, unable to deal with today's events. He gently rolled up her sleeve before blotting the blood away.

She had white scars, just mainly on her wrist that were still visible. The cuts she left where deep, and probably extremely painful. My stomach lurched when he cleaned inside the cut, seeing creamy fatty tissue. We both keep breathing in deeply. Don't want to puke carrots on this girls head, I kept reminding myself.

Suddenly, she flinched violently, causing Niall and I both to jump to the high heavens and back. She hitched a moan before apologizing. Niall rapped the gauze around her wrist before taping it with a Superman band aid. "All done!" He said proudly, although his face didn't show it. I helped her to her feet.

"What would you like to do now love?" I asked. She shrugged tiredly. "Watch TV?" She suggested. Niall and I looked at each other. We smiled back at each other, knowing being alone wasn't her best option right now. I quickly picked her up in my arms and carried her downstairs to the TV room.

Jamie POV

Louis smiled down at me when he sat me down on couch. His smile didn't reach his eyes, so I gave a small frown and grabbed his arm before he left. He instantly whipped around, giving me a questioning look. I decided not to say anything, but to give him a smile instead. This time he really did smile, and laughed, softly kissing the top of my head before he left.

Dazed, I sat and watched whatever was on. Power Rangers? Odd, I haven't saw that since I was five. Instead I thought back to how nice everyone was to me. I suddenly got so overwhelmed. No one has ever loved me this much. Of course my parents loved me, that was their job. But Sam, I felt my breath escape me as I thought of my little brother. He was 16 when he… well, died. He was my best friend.

He made me laugh, all the time, and stayed home with me on some Friday nights because he knew I didn't have many friends. He was going to go into biology at Miami, a place I could never afford to go. I was so proud to be his sister' he set the high standard for our family.

"Jamie, what was THAT?" He pointed to the screen. "That guy was right in front of you! That's when you know, SHOOT him?!" I laughed. "I don't even know how to work this thing!" I gestured down to the game remote in my hand. "I've been spinning in circles this entire game, I thought I did something right for once!" He growled sarcastically. "Shut up, and go back to spinning in circles!" Sure Sam, I thought.

I suddenly felt the couch dip next to me, and I little yelp escaped my mouth from being scared. Niall and Liam sat down to the left of me. "Sorry," then said in unison, and then smiled and before punching each other casually. "Power Rangers?" Liam inquired. "Oh," I said, my face blushing. "Good thing this is my favorite show!" Harry called over.

He leaped over the couch and landed to the right of me. Louis preceded to do the same before jumping up, doing some weird signaling in the air then turning around to us and yelling, "RANGER MORPH!" He then turned to Harry and started hitting him with the pillow. We all laughed, as it reminded me of Sam.

Sure Sam.


Oh God.

Quietly, I got up in the middle of the chaos, and made my way carefully to my room. I barely got to my bed when the sobs started racking my body. I had only been in there a few minutes when I heard soft footsteps next to my door. After a quiet knock, the door slowly opened, and blonde hair peaked though.

I smiled up at him as Niall walked in and sat next to see. "Why are you crying Jamie?" He said after a moment. "I'm not crying." I said a bit too harshly. He just laughed it off. "You know, for having the most problems in this house, you sure are the strongest." I looked at him like he just spoke Portuguese.

"Can you talk to me at least a bit? You don't have to if you don't want to. I just want to get to know you better!" He said while running his fingers through his blonde locks. "Tell me something I don't know about you." I thought about that. "Well, I love cats. I enjoy running and listening to music. I danced for 10 years, and I hate tomatoes." He laughed the entire time. "Cats? Really? Well Harry is going to LOVE you!" He exclaimed.

After our laughing dyed down, he question changed to one I wasn't prepared for. "What are you running from?" I paled. "Is it your parents?" He was searching after I hadn't said anything. "I know how annoying they can be!" I laughed, but shook my head. "Then what's wrong love?"

"I-I-I-he-after-well-then-fire-now-stuck-" I stammered. "Hold up," he said calmly while giving my hand a light squeeze. I took a deep breath. "My boyfriend, Dan, he can, uhm, he can.." I cleared my throat, "he can be a little rough sometimes, but it's everything I deserve. I mean, he tells me all the time what I need to do, and I disobey a lot. I'm a terrible girl friend." I started shooting things out before I even knew what I was saying. "I forgot to go to the grocery once, and I didn't clean the house, and I accidently broke a glass, and I forgot to work out one day, and he said I need to take better care of his needs-"

"HE WHAT?!" Niall shot up in so much anger, I was petrified. "He's the one who did this to you! How could he-"He angrily broke off with a humph, pinching the bridge of his nose. What did I do? I thought. How could I betray Dan? He'll kill me! No one can know.

I quickly crawled over to Niall's legs and grabbed one. Tears where coming down my eyes, and I let them. I was shaking and could barely catch my breath. I have never been so scared. Dan can't hurt these people. "P-please don't say anything. I didn't mean to say anything!" I sobbed. Hoarsely I groaned, "Oh God, he's gonna kill me."

Niall reached down and grabbed my forearms, looking me straight in the eye he said, "No one will ever hurt you again." Suddenly the door opened, and four pairs of eyes filled with shock looked up at Niall gripping my arms tightly. Niall looked at me then back at the floor, "It's not what it looks like."

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