My Hopeless Hope - A One Direction FANFICTION

Three years after her family tragedy, Jamie battles more than her own guilt. With no one to fall on but her abusive boyfriend, her problems get worse. After she escapes, will she find someone to protect her? Or will her boyfriend find a way to snake her way back into her life? (Based off of One Direction) WARNING: Contains self harm, eating disorder, language, and cases of rape.


14. (Authors Note) I'm Still Here

I know many of you will open this and find it to be a huge jumble of disappointment. Others of you will never even read this line, because seeing no chapter or you've lost interest and simply clicked out of this. As for the rest of you, thank you. Thank you for keeping me going. Thank you for the reviews. Thank you for your kind smiles.  Thank you for sticking with me this long.

I'd first and foremost like to say I WILL NOT STOP WRITING THIS STORY.  I have two eyes, a heart, a brain, and most importantly 10 fingers to type this- meaning, I'm only human.

Not only has it been a busy school week due to internal, external and other exams ext as well as end of term parties and so on, but I have some personal problems I'm battling as well. I know; I can already hear the moaning on how you don't want me to drag on about my personal problems, so I'll make it short and simple, so you understand. I've had to sort out details for my jaw (top and bottom) operating as well as physio ext.

Also, if you're still reading this, thank you again.

I do this in my spare time for YOU guys. Not for me. I just write what I think the character feels, and I am always open for suggestions. I simply haven't had the motivation to write a chapter yet. I have some good ideas, but I need to single them down, and then spend the time to type them all.

As for requests, I think I might post one to two a week. So please send them in and I'll start typing. I just don't want you guys to lose faith in me. I might be struggling, but I'm still here, and I promise I'll stick to this story. I've already been asked for a sequel! Thank you all for your love and support and I hope you had a great holiday season!

Side note: If you are struggling with anything I mention in my chapters, please contact me. I don't mean for my stories to be triggering or want you to start becoming addicted, so I'd love to help you with anything that comes your way. You are all beautiful people, and I love you wholeheartedly. And you are never ever alone.

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