Stole My Heart

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3. Meeting One Direction

<>Nialls POV<>
I heard a car door slam I ran to the window for the 5th time in the last 20 minutes, but this time there was a avocado green Ford Focus Hatchback sitting in front of the hotel. I heard a knock at the door I sprang up, as I saw Zayn going to get the door I yelled "NO! I'LL GET ITTTT" I wasn't sure if Ali and Ashely heard but if they did- oh god. I ran for the door checking my hair and clothes the opened the door."Hey,Niall!" Ali said hugging me."You look fantastic!" I said as. She went inside and sat next to Liam who was shaking like a lone leaf on a tree in the middle of a 5th degree hurricane." Liam what's wrong?" She was right she didn't know anything about us."Al, Liam's afraid of spoons" Ashely informed her "And Zayn's eating soup right next to him" I added." Guyyyyysssss I knew that" Ali joked, all of a sudden Liam broke out into a spaz attack."Spspspspspspspspspspspspsspspspsps..."Liam went on for about 45 seconds"SPOOOOOONNNNNNSSSS" Liam cried. Zayn scooted about 3 inches away from Liam, which had no effect. Liam's eyes still wide in horror. 
•Ashely's POV•
I was sitting on the couch next to Niall when my phone buzzed everybody looked at me, I felt under a lot of pressure. The screen said: NEW IMESSAGE FROM DREW/ I opened it quickly Jakes my boyfriend he was Ali's I guess you would say he was handed down like a shirt even thought I came first, but the again I weighed a bit less so I guess that makes sense. 
MESSAGE: Hey,Babe! I miss you!! How's California? Wove youuuu!!!
MESSAGE TO DREW: Hey babe! I miss you too!!! Cali's great!!! Wuff you tooooo!!!
 Suddenly Louis ran into the room screaming "LETS WATCH A MOVIE! CAN WE WATCH A MOVIE PLEASEEEE!?!?!? COME ON ILL LET THE GIRLS CHOOOOSEE!!!" Me and Ali just looked at each other and smiled. 
?!Louis' POV!?
!!Liams POV!!
Oh my gosh I wonder if anyone noticed Ali's shoes they had batman on them!!! I'm dying. 
~Ali's POV~
Before I knew it I was asleep on Harry's shoulder. I think later he moved his arm so it was around my neck to make me feel more comfortable.  
<>Nialls POV<>
Soon enough Ashely followed pursuit of her sister and fell asleep on my shoulder. I moved my arm a bit, and she snuggled up into the crook of my neck and I kissed her hair.
I know it's kinda short but I have to rewrite it hope you like it. Enjoy!!!

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