Stole My Heart

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4. Beverly Hills :)

•Ashely's POV•
What happened last night? I woke up in a bed with Niall, he had his arms wrapped around my waist and was facing me. He looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. Suddenly I remembered about my parents, I must have tensed up because Nialls eyes shot open."What's wrong?" He questioned."Nothing my parents must be worried sick," I told him "I have to go see Alison. Where is she?" At this point I was quite worried my parents would be pissed and wouldn't let us do anything else on our own the rest of the trip."She's in Harry's room. Go outside and take a left, you don't need to knock they're JUST asleep." Niall informed me. I got up and realized I was still in my dress from last night and my hair was falling apart."Hey Niall, do you mind if I take a quick shower?" I asked."Sure! Are you gonna want to wear a pair of my jeans? I can get a pair out?" He offered."Yea, thanks." He got out a pair of blue denim skinny jeans, than a plain white t-shirt." Here, these jeans were bought in the wron-""Why don't you return them then?" I cut him off. He just shook his head."The shirts a bit small as well."He finished. Niall left and returned a couple minutes later with shampoo and conditioner. I guess I looked confused on of they were his."They're Eleanor's" I nodded I started the shower and got in after washing my hair twice, Our older sister, Lucy, had told me it makes it soft. Speaking of Lucy, Lucy is 21 four years to our 17 she has dark black hair about shoulder length layered hair. Lucy lives in San Francisco. Anyway enough about Lucy I was now drying my hair with the blow dryer Niall had provided. I put on the jeans and realized this shirt won't match my shoes." Niall?" I called"WHATTTT!!!" he called from what seemed like the kitchen."Come here" I yelled again seconds later he came in and startled me to cause me to drop the shirt."Can I have a black shirt instead? It would match better." I asked. He sighed and said "Gurlll you right that shirt does NOT go with those shoes gurlll" he said mocking the people on the housewives shows. I just laughed and handed him the shirt. I changed and put my hair up in a bun on top of my head. I walked out and scanned the room to find Ali she wasn't there it was usual though it was 9:45a.m. And I had no doubt she was still asleep. I walked in to see Ali and Harry cuddling, but they were knocked out. I went and shook Ali she smacked Harry as she said 5 more minutes. She obviously didn't realize it was me." Ali not its me Ash, mom and dad are going to murder us we didn't tell them we were staying." I said worried
~Alison's POV~ 
OMG I forgot to call mom and dad last night. I pushed Ashely away and grabbed my phone." Where's your phone, Ash" I asked her I would have been thought she would have been the responsible one for a reason and checked her phone. The screen read NEW MESSAGE. I unlocked it and went strait to my messages not worrying about all the notifications. 
7:38 pm MESSAGE: Sweet heart I know you're at your friends so I'm telling you now in about half-an-hour me and your father are going to see your sister in San Francisco. We'll be back in two days, I believe you girls can handle two day. Be home at a reasonable time and be safe. Tell your sister I love her. Love you too honey
I filled my sister in on what was going on we decided to go shopping later today."Niall, we'll be back around noon" we told him."Ok! Be safe see ya later!" He said as we went out the door  and headed for our room to change. I was wearing my dark blue capris that end just above my knees. Thank god I didn't have those two nasty scars from when I was 11. Lucy had broken the scooter and made it off-center. After I had returned from my friends,Emily and her twin sister Janes house our little brother, Fred, had insisted they'd fixed it so we all went to the park. Lucy and our cousin Carly were walking and going to meet us there, so Ashely,Me, and Fred were riding scooters. We were almost there and my scooter flipped out from under me and flew up into the air and landed down beside me. I was wearing shorts so my knees were exposed, I skidded down the side walk on my knees kinda like some kids do in gym on the floor but are told not to. About thirty seconds later, Lucy and Carly arrived I was still on the ground. My knees stung like hell yet I wasn't crying, once I got up and blood was forming around my knees about to drip down my leg. We were standing talking, I know in this situation, Ashely wanted me to wipe it with a leaf no way in hell Ashely. Fred got thirsty and asked Carly if he could waterfall her Gatorade, Carly agreed and handed him the bottle of orange Gatorade. He opened the lid and tilted it up a bit to high and the Gatorade went all over his shirt and all the Gatorade was gone. While I was laughing my brains out, Ashely managed to wipe my bleeding knees with a leaf -_- . Then we arrived at the house and I got bandaged up. Anne our stepmom wasn't home and I was quite surprised, my mom,Stacie, died right after she had Fred. She woke up in the middle of the night, and thought she hadn't taken her pills so she took them again. We knew she was sick, my dad, Lucy, and Ashely would go get her milkshakes from Burgerville and stuff. But me. I refused  to leave her side. So anyways paired with my capris I had a flowing teal-ish green shirt and my new converse. Ashely had the same shorts and a patterned tanktop with converse. 

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