Unicorn Facts

This is a book about unicorns, facts about them, from my personal experience, of corse!


5. Debatable Facts

These are unsure facts that have yet to be proven;

1. I am insane

2. All Unicorns poop rainbows

                          a. This is a huge misconception, not all unicorns do this

                          b. Only RAINBOW unicorns do this.

3. Unicorns Can Speak English

                          a. They speak multiply languages

                          b. Including Bikya, and Ainu

4. All Unicorns have magical powers

                          a. Not true, some Unicorns are just Horny Horses, which is sad.

5. A beautiful Maiden in the forest will catch a Unicorn

                         a. The Unicorn would smell the smelly man trying to hide in the bushes

                         b. Unicorns don't like Maiden's,

                         c. They like children

                         d. Areas populated with Unicorns are cold and hard to get to

                         e. No Maiden would catch a Majestic Unicorn

6. Unicorn Horns are NOT magical when stripped from the Unicorn

                         a. The Horn only shows that a Unicorn is awesomely magical

                         b. The magic in the horn comes from the Unicorn's Awesomeness

                         c. A dead Unicorn doesn't have any awesomeness

7. Birth-Day hats make a Horse into a Unicorn

                         a. B-Day hats are not awesome

                         b. They are ridiculous, They mock the Horse

                         c. It is fake

To Be Continued....

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