Hard life to live

Combination of Adventure and some of emotional momments of a poor beautiful teenage girl , treated as a slave by a tyrannical family , as life goes on ... This beautiful poor girl becomes a Princess ! Come on ... Lets see how did she struggle to be a princess .


1. Characters


The poor girl : Juan and she is 16 years old 

The wise old man : Mr. George and he is 60 years old

The tyrannical family : 1. Father : Mr. Andrew Collins 

                                      2. Mother : Mrs. Collins 

                                      3. The eldest son : Alex 

                                      4. Their daughter : Simone 

Mr. Andrew Collins : A businessman  and he's 42 years old 

Mrs. Collins : The principle of a famous school  and she's 40 years old 

Alex Andrew Collins : A student and he's 16 years old 

Simone Andrew Collins : A kindergarden student and she's 4 years old 


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