Remember Me?

Raine Underwood has always been careful when it comes to love, but when she falls for the vaguely familiar stranger who works nearby, will she find everything she's looking for? Will she remember why she never let someone get close enough to break her heart? Or will she end up disappointed?


3. Tristen's Memory

“Damnit, I never got that girls name!” Tristen cursed once work had ended for the day.

He fumbled with the keys outside his small apartment. It was only two rooms; a bathroom and a living room/bedroom. Even with his several part time jobs, he couldn’t afford anything else.

He didn’t regret leaving his parents back in the country, though. He had hated the pair of them after they made him move away from his only friend to live in the middle of nowhere eight years ago. He had never had another friend since then.

He could still remember that day, all those years ago. He was sat in the van that would drive him away from everything he knew and loved.

“Please don’t leave!” The girl pleaded, tears rolling down her face, “You’re my best friend!”

“I’m sorry,” he called out the window, “I won’t forget you, I promise.”

But that was all he got to say before the engine started up and the van drove away. He looked behind him out of the window as he too began to cry. His small, ten year old hand leant on the cold glass as his only friend flew out of sight. Forever.

The reason he had moved back to the town was because he wanted to find her, tell her that all this time he had never stopped thinking about her, but no matter how much he looked, she seemed to have just vanished. She could have moved away, but Tristen still stayed in the one place where nothing seemed to happen, in the hopes that something would happen for him.

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