Remember Me?

Raine Underwood has always been careful when it comes to love, but when she falls for the vaguely familiar stranger who works nearby, will she find everything she's looking for? Will she remember why she never let someone get close enough to break her heart? Or will she end up disappointed?


4. Smile

“What a wonderful show that was!” Cried the director once all of the crew were backstage, “But remember, Raine, we need lots of power on that line about Banquo’s son becoming king.”

“Okay, I’ll give it some extra practise for the show tomorrow.” Raine nodded as she went to go and get changed out of her costume.

For several years, she had been part of a theatre group. It was nothing big, just a performance once a year, but she desperately wanted to be discovered. Ever since she was ten, she had dreams of becoming an actress.

Once she had put her costume away, she grabbed her bag and headed to the corner shop again. It wasn’t just because she wanted to see Tristen, though; she actually needed to buy things.

She placed the two litre bottle of lemonade and the loaf of bread down on the counter and waited.

A red head with tattoos and piercings all over her face began to scan the items and push them in the bag. She shoved them across the counter and went back to texting as she held her hand out for the money. Raine gave her the exact amount, not wanting to wait for change and left.

Where was Tristen? Didn’t he work the late shift? He said he had more than one job, but Raine had kind of expected he would be there. She knew it wouldn’t work anyway.

She decided to stop off at the coffee shop for a drink before heading back home.

“One hot chocolate please.” She said to the boy behind the counter.

“Oh, hey again.” Tristen smiled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t even realize it was you!” she laughed.

“That’s okay,” he put the money into the cash register and looked back up, “I never got your name the other day.”

“It’s Raine.” She smiled.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Raine.”

“Yeah, it was really nice to meet you too.”

Raine sat by the window as she sipped her hot chocolate, wondering when her life would change.

But what she didn’t know was that it already had.

“You look happy!” Olivia smiled as she saw a grinning Raine walk through the door.

“Yeah but I don’t know why,” She laughed as she sat down on the sofa beside her friend, “So what channels did I miss?”

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