Seirra was just a normal high school junior with her best friend Paige .one day at a party everything about Sierra and Paige change .

'Hey girl' Paige said in a shanaynay voice .'sup'. She looked so excited 'y so down'.im so alone '.ok so how about this ,we go to mark Taylor's party tonight'.O.MY.GLOB NO,yes or no. Of course yes '.Mark Taylor is one of the popular hot guys in the school he's #2 of hotness.ok TXT me after school .kk girlll' she said .yaya shanaynay


1. Chapter 1




I went off to class after shanaynay (Paige) talked to me about the party.i never been so excited befor ,it was amazing .i couldn't stop thinking about it was glued To my brain.i was humming teenage dirtbag in my head .right when I was about to hum the girls part I bumped into something ? No it was a boy..I got up nd helped him up .'are u ok 'I said in a soft tone.'yeah I'm fine' he said .he had blond hair ,blue eyes ,nd talked in a accent tht my grandmother talk's grandmother is um what is it BINGO I said out loud .'what he said .'are u irsh' I said to the blond boy..,'um yea i I lived in Ireland befor then I came here to because my mother had a new job' he said.'oh cool Im Irish to but I don't have the accent like you do'i said.'sorry I bumped into u ,my name is seirra u can call me si si' .si si only Paige calls me tht I'm so stupid.'oh my name is Niall u can call me Ni or Nialler'he said with his very attractive accent .'u wanna hang out sat lunch with my buds'he said .'sure can i bring my friend.' Of course love' he said. OK that's FREAKING ME OUT NOW .'LOVE 'I said .yea sorry THTS my accent 'he said .AWW he's so adorable like a baby.ok so see u at lunch then ' isaid starring into his beautiful HOT EYES THT I IMIRER .i think he caught me starring because he smirked .


so I mad a new friend that is hot super IRISH HOT if u ask me.he started walking.he waved as I did .i went into my class nd didn't stop thinking about his DROP DEAD BEAUTIFUL face and eyes.well after my next class is lunch and I get to know more about him.him,his eyes, his smile,his everything,he make me happy now ,u know what they say find ur happy place he's my happy place.


sorry the chapter was so short this is my first book without a co~author so PLZ like nd comment u all ; ) XOXO 

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