Your worst nightmare

a detective story to sink your teeth into


2. 2

When they arrived at the victim’s house they could see a bunch of detectives inspecting every inch of the house like a dog that was looking for its bone. As they pulled up two men asked to check there identity cards so they could come in. Butch and Lou had theirs on them so they were allowed in.


Then they stepped out of the car like a cheetah Lou bolted for the house barking at the top of his voice trying to tell Butch that he had found a scent. As Butch slowly made his way to the house, he noticed that every one was watching him. “What he’s a dog!” he apologized as he entered the house.


The house as you would expect was a regular house with two bedrooms, one kitchen and all of those other rooms that you would see in a house.  Then he spotted Lou who was doing that pointing pose that pointers do when they have found some thing.


“Lou what are you doing? You made me look like a right weirdo out there!” he said as he walked to him.  But then he noticed the thing that Lou was looking at. “Oh what’s that?” he asked as he lent down and picked it up. Then he noticed that it was bile, the sort of thing that you would keep medicine in as well as a necklace with a ruby on it. But as he looked at the bile he noticed that it was dark black and had a snake carved around it with bright ruby red eyes.


Then he spotted a drop of red liquid left in side it. So Butch poured it into his mouth. Lou looked at him confused as to what he was doing. But then Butch spat it out and on to the floor. “Poison!” he said as he looked back at Lou.


“Well who ever did this must like snakes, but who, Hans? Or maybe err, I don’t know” he said showing it to Lou. Then Butch continued “I need you to look after both of these for me ok! I now some one who can help us with this!” then Butch put the bile

And necklaces Into Lou’s small back pack that Lou was wearing.


“Ok come with me we need to go and find some one!” said Butch as he pulled out his phone and called Peek. “Hello Peek, do you know were your sister is?” he asked his boss.  “Oh good, yes we are, Butch out!” he continued. Then he put down his phone ad looked at Lou “ok buddy were going back to London!” he said to Lou. Then the ran off and back into the car and away.


Mean while in a under ground base in Denmark Hans was busy planning his next move when “! BANG!”  The ground shook as if an atomic bomb had gone off. “Aarrrrrr! What was that some one go and check it out!” he ordered. Hans was a white haired man with yellow eyes and is usually always the bad guy being Butches enemy.


Then he looked over at Dr Crestino who was secretly a double agent so know one can trust him not even his brother who is the head of the detective agency Peek.


 The Doc had black hair with one orange eye and one red eye after an accident he had, so now he has mask that covers the right hand side of his face and he always seems to be in a suit. “You!” ordered Hans. “What is it!” asked the Doc C looking over at him. “I need you to come with me to go and cheek out that explosion!” he said.

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