Saviour -Book One.

6000 Years ago, in the ancient land of what is now called 'Britain', a prophecy was born. The prophecy was 'A son, a daughter, grey and blue, bone and bone, will bind together and thy saviour will be born'. The word had spread across the land, for many years confused minds and searching eyes were looking for some clue. Then, Aquilia was born. Her hair was thick, wavy bark brown. Her nose was speckled with light freckles on her pale skin. Belonging to the Eagle clan, they were independent from the other clans and only a few knew of this prophecy, but they wouldn't dare admit to their clan-mates that they had spoken to 'Outsiders'. The land was getting hotter everyday, clans were slow at developing their skills for the land around them. People were getting angry- evil were some. They needed a saviour, and fast.


1. One Man Down.

        Aqulia gingerly tip-toed out of Eagle Clan camp, she beckoned her loyal companion Altair, who was an eagle, with her finger. Together they crept out of the bramble bush secret exit, making a bit of a fuss as the thorns snatched at their skin, they tried to escape as fast as they could. They always understood eachother, it was like some sort of connection, Aquilia and Altair were 'Soul-Companions' as the elders say. 

        Two guards were on night-watch, Nero and Seneca. Both of them were best mates, they were both young men and already stars in the elderly's eyes. 17 summers had passed since Nero was born and his mother Mila, who was clan leader, passed away. Aquilia was extremely fond of Nero, they were mates since the very start. Aquilia and Altair were fully aware that they had made much noise as they squeezed through the bramble bush, they knew the Nero heard them so they went to hide hoping they'd think it was just 'the wind'.

        "It's okay Seneca, I'll check it out, you stay here and stay on guard." Nero left the camp through the entrance, this was a time for Aquilia and Altair to escape. Altair flew into the nearest tree and squawked at Aqulia, but she was stuck. She struggled as her bear-fur shawl was stuck on some thorns, how could she get out now?!

         "As long as I keep quiet, I'll be fine." She mumbled to herself. Too late, Nero had already found her.

          "Got something to say, by any chance?" Nero smiled and helped her get loose again, she didn't answer and sat cross legged on the ground next to him, looking as innocent as possible.

           "I was just taking Altair for a flight, he needed to stretch his wings. Right, Altair?" She turned her head to the magnificent bird sitting on a large oak branch. He flew down by her side, she fed him a small wild shrew she had in her pocket. He gulped it down in one and looked up at Nero with his dark, beady eye.

          "Look.. If you were about to go to Bark Clan to suss them out, it's no use, they're on their way already. The fight will be today, they will attack us today, when the sun is at its brightest." Nero sat down and gave Altair a stroke on the band, he screeched and opened his beak ready to bite, Nero pulled his hand back immediately.

          "What, mid-day?! No way! They can't attack us, they outnumber us! Won't any of the clans help us? They know how evil and blood-hungry Bark Clan are!" Aquilia pulled Altair back and fed him another shrew, she had plans in her head, he needed all the energy he could get.

          "Yes, they will attack at mid-day. You know how your uncle Theon doesn't want his clan to interact with any other clans, he thinks it causes trouble. We will fight, cause that's all we can do. But don't worry about it, we'll be fine!" He put his hand on her shoulder and tried to receive eye contact, Aquilia just looked down at the dusty ground with her thick fringe covering her face.

           "But.. But that means we'll all die!" She raised her head and looked at Nero, she gently pushed his hand off her shoulder. "I don't want anyone to die. It's just not fair Nero!" She pressed her hands against her eyes as a tear trickled down her pale, almost white skin. Nero pulled her hands away from her face and picked up her chin to look up at him.

           "No, there will be survivors." He said quietly, with a serious sort of smile.

           "How would you know?!" She pulled away from his grasp and pushed him away.

           "There is a prophecy, Aquilia. A prophecy only I know, from this clan of course. Every other clan is searching for this one daughter and son, bound in one." Nero let go of Aquilia and stopped smiling, he was incredibly serious now. His face expression changed into a more of frozen shock as he pressed his thumb on Aquilia's cheek.

            "What? A prophecy? Eagle Clan doesn't know of it yet? But we must tell my uncle- Wait, he told me I must address him as 'leader..', he's..." She sighed and closed her eyes. "It doesn't matter." She opened them again, revealing her blue eye and grey eye. "Why are you so shocked? And tell me this prophecy, it sounds interesting." She pulled his hand off her face and down on her shoulder again, for a second they shared some connection, like a current of electricity pulsing through his body to hers.

            "Your....... Wait- I shan't tell you the prophecy yet, your too young to understand." He stood up and walked towards camp again. "Go to bed, you need to be out of camp before midday." Before she could answer, he was gone back into the camp. This time she felt the need to obey him, so she followed his steps with Altair at her side and returned into her den to fall asleep in her hammock again. Altair was curled up at her side. Before long they were asleep, dawn broke and the guards had left for patrol. 

          Aquilia had awaken to a furious racket in the camp, clashing of spears and knives echoed through the camp. She could hear Bark Clan roaring, and Eagle Clan warriors groaning. Altair was awake already, he had hid under the hammock and was eating the mountain shrews that were meant for him later. 

"They've come early!! This can't be, I must-" She didn't end her sentence, she grabbed her bow, stash of arrows, her clue slate knife and her bag already packed with needed items. She was going to fight for her clan today, no matter what! She clipped Altair's leather armour quickly and safely onto his back and face. They had trained hard for this day, especially Aquilia who wanted to impress Nero and Theon.

           Her and Altair climbed the tree trunk that had grown a part of her den over years, through the shaggy roof and up to the biggest branch. She didn't want to look at the horrifying sight below, but her eyes rolled down towards the centre of camp, blood was EVERYWHERE. No death was in sight yet, but every Eagle Clan warrior was horribly injured. Where were the guards? Where was Nero? She turned her head south towards the forest mountains, she saw the guards fighting off even more Bark Clan warriors, Eagle Clan was destined to loose. She returned her gaze on the camp below, she directed Altair to attack at the heads of the Bark Clans only. He obeyed and flew down towards the enemies giving them a nasty gnash on their heads and distracted them while Eagle Clans injured were back on their feet. Aquilia helped by shooting arrows, twice she failed, but she shot one man down with 3 arrows, that wasn't enough. They were pushing Eagle Clan further and further, into the corner of camp. Aquilia decided to go get help from the guards, the camp was under so much threat. She jumped down from her tree and ran down the rocky slope, she realized Altair wasn't with her, she looked back, no where to be seen. She'll find him later, that's what she thought anyway. She returned to look at South Forest Mountain, she saw Nero's longish-blonde hair stained with blood. She raced down the slopes once more and climbed up the rock to where she'd seen Nero, it was such a hassle. By the time she'd got to the top, she was out of breath, and so was Nero, breathless. Nero lay in a pool of his own blood, the first thing that came to Aquilia's mind was;

"He's dead."

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NEXT CHAPTER SOON~

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