Watch as he...

This is a poem I wrote which is based around the book I'm reading called 'After the Fall' where a little boy sleep-walks out onto the balcony one night and the Mother is out there. The boy climbs upon the rail and falls, the mother running and calling after him. I've tried to capture this scene in a poem. Hope you enjoy :)


1. :)

Watch as he

Walks, walks, walks.

Watch as his shadow is a blur whilst you talk.


Watch as he

Stares, stares, stares.

Watch as his sight kills your heart with a glare.


Watch as he

Climbs, climbs, climbs.

Watch as he's falling in slow motion time.


Watch me as I

Cry, scream, shout.

Watch me as I bolt up, follow him in doubt.


Watch as he

Falls, Tumbles, Goes.

Watch as his body disappears, then who knows?


Watch me as I

Weep, weep, weep.

Watch me as tears stream down my flushed freckled cheeks.


Watch him as he

Lies, lies, lies.

Watch me as I see my little son...



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