One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


3. Yahaira and Harry

I was downstairs in my Pink onesie watching The news when there was a story about one direction on I paused it and ran upstairs and knocked on my brothers bedroom door "Get up!" I screamed 

"no thanks" 

"there is a story about you on the news" I said he sprinted out his room and flew down the stairs then pressed play apparently girls had found out the exact location where Louis Niall Zayn and Harry were

"Yahaira get dressed we have to get them" I was happy because I had never met them before so I got into some white jean-shorts and a pink top I also slipped on some pink flats. We got into the car and headed off there were fans every where 

"Let's go" Liam said I shook my head 

"too many people" I said 

"ok I will be back in a minute" I nodded I got ready for a long wait but it was only 20 minutes until they all piled in the car 

"hello" They all said but I just smiled and nodded the truth is I am super shy I was quiet all the way home .Once we got there I raced up to my room slamming the door 

"Does she not Like us" I heard Zayn say 

"She is just shy" Liam replied 

I put my headphones on and Listened to some music when I heard a knock on the door and Harry came in 

"Where is the bathroom?" he asked 

"" I am shy but I was even more shy when it came to Harry he is cute 

"why are you so shy, your beautiful and insanely smart" I blushed 

"AHA you blushed that means you like me too" he smiled cheekily I was about to tell him off for assuming that I was in to him but then I thought of the word TOO so I blushed harder 

"how do you know I like you". I asked

" because if you didn't I wouldn't have done " he stopped and Kissed my lips " That " he smiled even more cheekily when the door opened Liam came in

"what are you guys doing" He raised an eyebrow 

" I was showing Yahaira how to draw a smiley face " he answered giving me a crumpled piece of paper and then following Liam down stairs I read the note 

(phone number) Call me Yahaira xxx love Harry xx

Something tells me he wasn't looking for the bathroom...


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