One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


23. Sophie and Niall

Before I met one direction I never thought I'd be falling for him but when I met them wow he was perfect...

"Sophie hurry up and get in the car!" Sarah shouted we were going to a meet and greet one direction thing Sarah wanted to get there first 

"I am coming calm down" I said walking down the stairs we got in the car and sped off but soon Sarah being Sarah she had to use the bathroom so we stopped at the services she went to the loo and i was in the line to buy a iced coffee from starbucks, I ordered it and waited for it to come when it did I was fumbling through my bag realising my purse was back in the car 

" sorry I don't have my purse can I go get it?" I asked but someone put a hand on my shoulder and handed a fiver to the waitress I turned around 

"thank you so much come to the car so I can pay you back" I said to this stranger with a hoodie covering his face 

"no I like buying beautiful girls coffee" I was blushing 

"who are you?" I asked her grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the corner he took off his hood 

"Hey I am Niall Horan " he shook my hand I was stopping myself from fangirling he was hotter in real life 

"Hey I am sophie" 

That was how we met we exchanged phone numbers little did he know I was going to the meet and greet when it was my turn Niall wasn't talking he was thinking he didn't look up until Harry asked 

"whats your name" 

" I am Sophie Niall should know that" He looked up and smiled after the meeting and greet we all went to their hotel  

A year later 

Me and Niall are engaged and i couldn't be happier...


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