One direction imagines

Comment what you look like your name your one direction member and about yourself and I will try to write all of you an imagine


8. Alex and Niall

 It was Saturday the day after I finished school for good, all my friends were on holiday so I went on twitter. Niall had just started a twitcam so I had a look I am a huge directioner. He was playing guitar he is so good at it I have always wanted to play guitar but lessons cost way to much so I commented even though he will probably never read it there were so many people commenting so I said 


You are so talented I really want to learn to play guitar like you xxx

After 2 minutes I got a reply from Niall Horan himself 

Thanks! Maybe I could give you lessons give me your number and I will text you

I was screaming this could not have happening I gave him my number and waited for a few hours until my phone went off I raced to it and quickly opened the text 

Hello Alex so you want me to give you lessons I looked at your twitter I am not that far away from you do you want me to visit you tomorrow if so what time? :) - Niall

I took a deep breath and tried to stay calm 

Maybe around 12 and thanks so much I am a huge fan!! Xx -Alex 

Was I a bit creepy in that? I thought 

Sure see you tomorrow :) - Niall 

I sat on my bed screaming into my pillow, it was about 8:30 pm and I wasn't hungry so I just went to bed dreaming of Niall...

I woke up at 9:00 only 3 hours until Niall came over I cleaned the house and I was done by 11 I got in the shower and got dressed into some black jeans and blue top I left my hair down naturally suddenly there was a knock at the door I flew down the stairs and opened the door and sure enough there he was Niall Horan

"Hello are you Alex?" he asked I could have died

"yeah come in" I stayed calm but I was having a heart attack (not literally) He got out his guitar and we sat on the sofa and he taught me how to play Little Things

"Alex you are really good can you sing?" he asked I got shy I only sing in the shower and in the car

"I don't know" I blushed I sang little things to him my voice a little wobbly from fright

"your really good don't be shy and it's 3 I am starving should we go out for lunch?" he asked Niall is such an amazing guy  so I said ok and we went off to eat we sat at a table and got to know eachother a bit more I have no idea how he is single I went to the toilet but when I came back a man grabbed me and tried flirting with me 

" let her go" Niall said 

"are you her boyfriend" he asked 

"not yet and is it really your business now leave!" the man walked away I started blushing 

"are you alright" Niall asked 

" yeah and what did you mean by not yet" I questioned He blushed and paused he took my hand and asked 

"Alex will you be my girlfriend?" I was exploding 

"yes!" I laughed and I hugged him...It doesn't take long to fall inlove 



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