Studying Abroad

Eliana Jamenson and her best friend set off to London to attend a prestigious dance academy that will help them both pursue their dreams as dancers. While in London they have both been placed with host families. Little do they know that they are living with families that are home to two members of One Direction! A summer that is supposed to be dedicated to focusing on dance may end up becoming a whirlwind summer that involves unexpected romances they they never knew would happen :) Follow their adventure to find out what happens!


3. The Payne Family


Before I even got out of the car a small woman with straight shoulder length brown hair with a few blonde highlights was standing by the car door smiling widely and waving at me. “You have got to excuse my mum she’s very excited. She’s always wanted to host a person from the States” Ruth said with a smile as Mrs. Payne opened my door and pulled me into a warm hug. “Eliana! I am so happy to finally meet you” she said pulling away from me and smiling widely. “I know. We have been talking over the phone for months. Now it’s good to match a voice to a face. You look lovely by the way” I said admiring her red fancy dress that she was wearing. “Oh this old dress. I just threw it on!” her mom said with a blush on her face.


“Yea right mum you put it on to try and impress Eli” Ruth said leaning in to kiss her mum’s cheek. “Shut up Ruth!” she laughed glaring playfully at her daughter. “Your house is so cute. Nothing like how mines looks like” I commented as Mrs. Payne and Ruth helped me gather my belongings. “Tell us about your home? You are from Florida right?” she asked kindly as we walked into their cozy home. I was instantly hit with the smell of sugar cookies and the smell of pasta. “Yup! Miami to be exact. It’s very hot there and filled with a lot of competitive dancers” I said honestly. “Well seeing as you and your friend were the only 2 picked from America to be involved in this summer program” Mrs. Payne said kindly.


“Yea it was kind of awesome that we were both picked I mean Abby and I have been dancing together since we were 2 years old and trained by the best. I just really hope I get picked for one of their elite companies. It’s like my dream” I said thinking about the goals I had written down for the summer. Yes I wrote a list of goals! Do not judge me! “I can’t wait to see you actually dance! You must be brilliant! My son actually dated a dancer but things didn’t work out…” she said sadly. I was about to bring up her son until my phone started ringing. I recognized the ringtone as Abby’s and quickly said “Um may I take this?” I asked. “Oh of course! Meet us in the kitchen dinner is almost ready!” Mrs. Payne said kissing my cheek softly and following Ruth into the kitchen. I clicked my green answer button and held the phone to my ear only to hear loud screaming on the other end.


“OH MY FUCKING LORD ELIANA THE SON IS SMOKING HOT!!!” she screamed causing my head to jerk away from the phone. “Calm your tits Abby stop screaming in my ear! The whole house can hear you!” I said frowing at the numbing feeling in my left ear. “You are going to die when you see your guy…we definitely hit the jackpot” she said trying to calm herself. “Ruth told me that they are in some band?” I asked sitting down on the comfy couch and finally relaxing my muscles. “Not just some band. FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!” she said loudly. After hearing my silence for a good minute she let out a frustrated sigh “We have got to get you out more sweetie. It’s just sad” she said causing me to groan and then laugh. “Are they all their or something?” I asked curiously.


“Yea they all just got back from tour and are home for the summer basically. They are all so gorgeous I can’t even” she said in a daze. “Abby we are here for dance! Not boys!” I said strictly listening to her groan and talk about how much of a buzz kill I am. “Apparently we are coming over tomorrow morning so you can meet all of them and Liam can finally see his family. All the other boys have seen their families” she said finally acting like her normal self. “Alright that’s fine with me. I gotta go though Mrs. Payne is making food so text me okay?” I said happily into the phone. “Okay I will! Love ya!” she said and soon I heard the dial tone. I rolled my eyes at the conversation thinking that it was only a matter of time till Abby hooked up with one of the boys. “Sweetheart! The foods ready!” I heard Mrs. Payne call from the kitchen. Sitting around the table with Mrs. Payne, Ruth and Mr. Payne who had joined us a few minutes after we began eating was something very new to me.


They were sweet and kind and had the cutest accents ever. They were so interested in me and my life which was something that was new to me. Back home all I had was my mom who used to be a dancer when she was younger but got injured. So she lived her dance life through me. I didn’t have time for friends or boyfriends, it was only dance. It kind of felt like the Payne family was now my own and I really enjoyed it. But what was weird is how they didn’t really speak of Liam until I decided to bring it up. “I heard you have a son Mrs. Payne” I said casually causing Ruth to laugh and say “Good one slipping that in there” she smiled causing me to blush in embarrassment. “She doesn’t even know who One Direction is  mom so you can tell her” Ruth continued to say.


Mrs. Payne seemed to visibly relax and then began to tell me all about her son Liam. He had apparently auditioned for a show called the X factor but was asked to come back the next year. The second time he went he got put into a group of boys and they came in 3rd place on the whole show. Luckily they got signed to an amazing record label and everything has been up hill since then. “I miss my baby so much though! He has been on tour for so long and we barely ever get to see him” she said as her eyes filled with tears. Oh gosh this was so sad. “Oh Mrs. Payne! Please don’t be sad you get to see him tomorrow!” I said reaching my hand over the table and squeezing her’s in comfort.


“Gosh you are too sweet Eliana” she said softly. Liam seemed like a lovely guy and after going around the house and looking at all of their pictures I saw how adorable he was. Abby had not been lying when she said he was hot but I have to focus on dance and I didn’t need any distractions. I was officially worn out and had the family’s help taking all of my stuff upstairs to the guest room. I didn’t feel like unpacking and quickly sent Abby a quick good night message. As I was unpacking stuff Ruth came in and decided to help, she was literally the sister I never had and I already knew I could tell her anything. “So what do you think of Liam?” she asked suspiciously causing me to hitch my eyebrow and look at her. “What do you mean?” I asked not really catching her drift.


“Like do you think he’s hot?” she said bluntly causing my eyes to widen and her to bust out laughing. “It’s okay if you do all of my friends do. It’s just I am very protective of him and so is my older sister. He’s just been through a lot” she admitted. “Um I mean Im not looking for guys I’m here for my career so you don’t have to worry about anything” I said honestly. “Good to know now I won’t have to hurt you if you hurt him” she said with a big smile causing me to laugh at her protective nature. She helped me finish unpacking all of my things and before I knew it I was resting my head on the soft pillow for some much needed sleep!

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