Studying Abroad

Eliana Jamenson and her best friend set off to London to attend a prestigious dance academy that will help them both pursue their dreams as dancers. While in London they have both been placed with host families. Little do they know that they are living with families that are home to two members of One Direction! A summer that is supposed to be dedicated to focusing on dance may end up becoming a whirlwind summer that involves unexpected romances they they never knew would happen :) Follow their adventure to find out what happens!


4. Sleep When Your Dead!


I groaned in frustration as I heard the loud ringing of my phone pulling me from the peaceful confines from my sleep. As I squinted my eyes open, expecting the sun to be shinning through the windows, I was faced with darkness. What thehell? How long had I been asleep for? I grabbed my phone about to cut it off until I saw who it was. Mom. Oh God I couldn’t catch a break. I checked the time to see that it was midnight, which meant I had only been asleep for about 2 hours. “Hi mom” I said with little emotion as I heard her speak strictly in to the phone. “What are you doing?” she asked causing me to groan and wish I hadn’t answered. But if I hadn’t there would have been hell to pay.


“I was sleeping. I just got to my host families house and-“ but she cut me off with a scoff. “You can sleep when you’re dead! Don’t you want to be the best?” she said causing me to run my fingers through my hair and realize I had to say goodbye to my sleeping. She was absolutely right. “Yes mom I want to be the best” I said softly hearing her make an approving sound. “Good. Now get your ass up and go practice at the studio” she said strictly. “Mom, I can’t the studio is like 20 minutes away from here and I don’t have a car” I said trying to hide my annoyance. One of the reasons I wanted to get into this program was so that I could escape my mom’s craziness. “Are you giving me excuses?!” she shouted into the phone causing me to flinch away from the phone. “No. Okay I’ll call you when I get there” I spoke not being in the mode to be shouted at. “Good. And take your laptop so I can skype you and correct your many mistakes” she said before hanging up the phone. Wow.


I rubbed my eyes and lazily rolled out of bed trying to think of how I was going to get to the 24 hour dance studio that was owned by the Royal Academy. I guess I could call a taxi, or walk. Knowing my mom she would want me to jog to improve on my stamina and I knew she would ask so I chose that as my option. I flipped on the lamp that was on the side of my bed and walked towards my dresser pulling out a neon blue sports bra and some short spandex bottoms. I threw my pajamas into the hamper and pulled on the dance wear, then I proceed to grab a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I pulled on some fuzzy blue socks and then slipped on my Uggs. I grabbed a bookbag throwing in my computer and then exited my room.  


I crept out of my room thinking of how I should probably tell someone I was leaving but I definitely didn’t want to wake up Mr. and Mrs. Payne. I instantly noticed a shining light coming from under Ruth’s door. I walked over quietly and knocked on her door hearing her call to come in. I turned the knob and smiled as I saw her reading a book with a glass of red wine in hand. “Are you going somewhere Eliana?” she asked taking in my appearance. “Uh yea. The Royal Academy has a 24 hour dance studio so I wanted to go and practice” I said blushing a little bit as I watched her eyes widen. “At midnight? Isn’t the studio like 20 minutes away?” She said concerned.


“Oh yea but I was just going to jog there it’s not too far, plus the exercise is good for me” I said casually. She looked at me and then began laughing “I have got to get used to a dancer living in the house. Even Danielle wasn’t like this” she said putting her book aside and reaching over on her dresser to grab her keys. Who was Danielle? “Don’t worry I can drive you” she said with a smile causing me to think about how my mom would react to the laziness of driving instead of running. “No No! Really it’s okay I’d much rather jog” I said as kindly as possible.


“You really think I’m going to let you walk to a dance studio that is 20 minutes away at midnight by yourself?” she said with amused smiled. I bit my lip and looked at the ground and decided to be honest. “Look my mom would get on a plane just to come scream at me if she found out I drove when I should have jogged. I don’t want to upset her” I said causing Ruth’s eyebrows to furrow. “Anyways I promise I will be back soon! Abby told me you guys were getting together in the morning so I’ll be back by then!” I said quickly waving goodbye and bolting my way out before she could say anything. Once I was hit with the cool England breeze I pulled out my iphone and put in the directions into my phone and began to jog towards my destination.


Because I pushed myself I ended up making it to the studio in 10 minutes which meant the time I was there I was panting heavily but proud at myself for not getting lost. I pushed my way into the door finding a girl a few years older than me sitting behind the reception desk of the studio. “Are you a student at the Royal Dance academy?” she asked looking me over as if I didn’t belong. “Yea Im here for the summer intensive program! I was informed that I could use this studio whenever I wanted” I explained reaching into my bookbag and pulling on my dance I.D that had been sent to me in the mail.


“Hmm…okay. Well you can pick whatever studio you want. We don’t usually ever have people here this late at night. But hey maybe you need to practice cause Royal Academy is on a whole nother level then those silly dance studios in America” she said arrogantly as she flipped her long red hair over her shoulder. “Um ok thanks” I said ignoring her glare as I walked past her looking into all of the amazing studios that were available. They were all spacey and had mirror surrounding the whole room but one caught my eye. It had stage lights decorating the top of the mirrors to cause spotlights all over the floor. I decided I wanted that one.


I skyped my mother once I was situated in my dance clothes and getting used to the hardwood floor on my feet. I was kind of happy to see her face despite her harshness and coldness. “Hey mom! I got here in like 10 minutes, I jogged and everything” I smiled hoping to get some approval or praise. But, my mom wasn’t like that. “That’s why I expect of you! What do you want a golden star?” she asked sarcastically causing me to frown and focus my attention back on her. “Now get to stretching” she said strictly causing me to nod my head and get to work.

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