Ten pounds

Anorexia. Something that break your life. Hello my name is Melody, and people say im freakishly skinny. I may only weigh a little over 5 stone. (75 lbs.) i dont think of myself as anorexic because you have to be thin to be that i m so bloody fat that people cant even look at me. I live in an orphange called London's little angels home for girls. Every girl there is so thin and beautiful. I just want to be like them. One day one direction stops by asking for a girl 10-15. What happens when they cant even look at me without gasping and they decide to help.


2. Deceving minds

Melody's pov: i pulled out my only inspiration. Fashion magazines. I loved seeing all of the beautiful skinny models, but at the same time i hated it. I loved it because i could see what beauty was, is, and always will be. Stick thin. I hated it because i knew i would never be thin like that. I would always be a tub of lard that nobody want to even look at, let alone hang out with. I stared at the gorgous photo of kate Mose in a purple bikini thinking "why can't that be me. But when i was about to flip the page, the whole magazine disappeared.  I nervously looked up to see the culprit of taking away the only thing i have close to beauty. "I don't want you looking at that stuff love. You are perfect the way you are." The man who was adopting me claimed, but i knew it was a lie. "I know your lying. I know your going to tell me i am so thin you mistook me for a skeleton. But i know i am not thin. I look in the mirror and all i see is a fat, overweight, ugly 13 year old who deserves to starve." I explained, my mind repeating the thing i wanted to lose the most. '10 pounds.' It was constantly replaying, almost mocking me, while it stuck to my bones. "Love, you are not anywhere close to fat. You are skinny. In fact too skinny. You are just torturing yourself with all those thought about calories, weight, and food. As your new father i will love you until the end of time and your new mom, danielle, will always love you, too." He explained. I didn't need to hear the whole 'you're perfect' speech so i just stood up on my weak legs, practically limped over to my magazine and picked it up. I  flung the front page open, doing the same until i reached the page i had lost. Only to have it taken away from me. "Melody, i will let you have this back after you tell me you are beautiful the way you are." My new dad stated. "I-i am bea-u-" i couldn't continue. "I can't say it because it's a complete lie. Can't you see! I am just another dumb, fat, useless girl who couldn't be anything even if she tried!" I lashe out. But he stood his ground calmly. "Sweet heart, you don't know unless you don't try. Now let's go home." He held out his hand for my smaller, bonier finger to grab. Wait what!? I peaked at my hand as dad lead me to the car. Boney. I looked like someone placed skin over bone and forgot all the muscles, veins, and arteries. Was i really fat to begin with. 'What are you saying you are a complete fat cow who doesn't deserve to eat!' My mind told me. I looked down at my hand again, to see it has gone back to its original fat covered self. Was my mind deceiving me?

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