Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


11. The Truth

Anabell's POV

It was the next day we were back at camp and the summer was over Percy told me I had to decide if I was going home for the school year or if I was staying at camp and I hadn't made up my mind yet then I knew exactly what I was going to do! Then Percy walked up to me

Percy-Have you decided yet?

Me-Yeah I'm staying here

Percy-Are you sure don't you want to go home and see your family?

Me-Are you kidding? Go back to a family who lied to me my whole life! Why would I go back!?

Percy-They still raised you

Me-Yeah, sure they didn't pay attention to me! They never forgot my brother and sisters achievements all they can remember of me is me and my mistakes! I won't go back and nobody will make me!

I ran out of the cabin and ran through the woods until I found a river and just sat down my eyes started to water but I stopped before I started to cry!

Percy's POV

I wonder what that scene was about I better give her some space I hope she's okay I went and found Annabeth at the steps of the Athena Cabin with her head stuck in a book I quietly sat next to her and said BOO and she punched me in the gut

Annabeth-Really Seaweed Brain!

Me-Please don't do that

Annabeth-There might not be a next time if you do that again!


Annabeth-What's wrong?

Me-How'd you know something was wrong?

Annabeth-Every time something's wrong you crinkle your nose!

Me-It's Anabell! I asked her if she was going home for summer and she told me stuff about her parents and her family and then she ran out of the cabin

Annabeth-What did you do?

Me-Nothing I've known you long enough to know when a girl is upset to leave her alone!

Annabeth-Good boy!

We started laughing and talked for a while quick answer yes were dating we started dating the beginning of the summer

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