Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


22. Softball Gone Bad

Anabell's POV

Since I was supposed to relax I just laid on my bed and was listening to music on my iPod then a song came on that was my nieces favorite then I started thinking about my times at home I remember how I felt like I didn't belong and then it become true I didn't belong this is where I belonged Camp Half-Blood! I thought about all of my old friends that turned their back on me some moved, some went cheerleader, one broke my arm (long story), and some just grew apart! Then I got a text from someone I haven't heard from for a year Lucy! (A/N Bold for Text)


Me-Hey Lucy haven't talked to you for a year

Lucy-Yeah I've been busy with school and softball

Me-How's the team?

Lucy-Okay before every game we say "For Anabell"


Lucy-Yeah we thought it would help us win!


Lucy-Maybe you can come see our next game

Me-I'd have to either sneak out of camp or ask to get out of camp! And that might not happen!

Lucy-Ask if you can go home tomorrow we have a game and we need a 10th player just to say your going to see a few friends and be back after 10

Me-I'll try but right now I'm on bed rest


Me-Pushing myself to hard during training and practicing my powers!

Lucy-Rest up ask when you feel better!

Me-Thanks and got it! ttyl


Then hooves clomped on the wooden floor

Chiron-Well you should be good for now if you ever feel light headed lay down and rest


He turned away when I remembered to ask

Me-Um... Chiron

He turned back around

Me-Can I go home tomorrow just to see some friends I'll leave at 6pm I promise I'll be back at 10pm

Chiron-Very well you have been stuck at camp all school year

Me-Thank you Chiron

He turned away and left it was time for dinner so I headed to the pavilion


It was the next day I went to training and trained at 5 I went back to my the cabin put on my jersey, my sliders, my softball pants, and my softball socks I put on jeans over my softball pants and tennis shoes and my cleats in a bag

Percy-Where are you going?

Me-Home for a few hours

Percy-What's with the bat?

Me-I'm home might as well get some softball practice!


He left and I called Blackjack (Percy said I could use him) and we rode to the softball park and we landed and my team saw me and ran up and hugged me

Fay-What are you doing here?

Me-I'm playing

Blackjack-Does Percy know your playing?

Me-No and he's not going to find out right?

Blackjack-Got any sugar cubes?

I handed him a hand full

Blackjack-You got a deal!

Me-Good know fly up and stay close I'll need you later


Then he flew up and my team was staring at me like I was crazy

Jaylon-Were you just talking to a horse?

Sam-Really you saw a flying horse and that's you question?

Me-Okay like I told you I went through some stuff that horse is Blackjack he's Percy's Pegasus and I can talk to him because my father created the horse know we going to play a game or what?

Fay-What about cleats and pants

I toke off my jeans and tennis shoes and put on my cleats

Me-I've been ready since I left camp

It was after the first game when chariots and Pegasus came

Me-Oh I'm in trouble!


Me-Look up!

She looked up and saw the chariots and Pegasus they landed and Chiron was in his wheelchair and Percy came down riding Blackjack with Annabeth riding behind him

Blackjack-Sorry Anabell he turned up the heat!

Me-Blabber mouth!

I saw Percy, Annabeth, The Stoll Brothers, Beckendorf, Silena, Tyson, Clarisse, Chiron, and a few of my other demigod friends

Me-What are you doing here?

Percy-Blackjack told me you were playing a game I told the camp and we wanted to see you play!



Coach-ROPES! (A/N my teams name is Frozen Ropes!)

Me-Well then stands are over there!

Me and Lucy walked to the dugout and got ready

Coach-Anabell your batting first and pitching first!


Coach-Were home team so go warm up

I finished my warm ups then the game started I ran to the pitchers circle I looked at the stands and saw my camp friends I stepped on the rubber and threw a strike! It was the second inning and my coach put me in center field to rest my arm when I heard a whistling I looked up and I saw metal scraps falling they hit me on the head and I was covered from head to toe probably 200 pounds on me I opened my eyes and there was a bent silver sword next to my neck!

To Be Continued...

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