Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


23. Softball Gone Bad 2

Percy's POV

It was the beginning of the 2nd inning and Anabell was playing center field when she was out there she looked up then she looked at me worried so I looked up and then about 200 pounds of scrap metal fell on her the umpire called time I ran through the dugout and ran to her with Beckendorf, Annabeth, The Stoll's, and a few sons and daughters of Hephaestus

Me-Anabell are you okay? How's it going?

Anabell-Well there's a bent sword next to my neck and I'm under 200 pounds of scrap metal HOW DO YOU THINK IT'S GOING!?

Me-Beckendorf you think you can get her out?

Beckendorf-Maybe but I think we got bigger problems!

We all looked up and saw a huge statue falling the size of a skyscraper! It fell and I realized it was the Talos prototype I landed on the floor with a crash and we lost our balance an fell on the floor

Me-Silena get everyone of the field get them somewhere safe

Silena got up and helped everyone of the field and toke them far away an arrow shot from the right we looked that way and we saw Thalia with the Hunters of Artemis

Thalia-Well looks like this thing gets uglier by the years!

Annabeth-Thalia thanks for coming!

Thalia-No problem

Annabeth-Distract Talos we'll get Anabell!

We ran to Anabell the sons and daughters of Hephaestus were already digging her out then Talos started throwing metal balls like canons at us

Beckendorf-I found a hilt of a sword maybe its the one by Anabell's neck Anabell I'm going to slowly move the sword tell me if its the one by your neck

He slowly moved it to the left

Anabell-It's the sword

Beckendorf-Okay move your head as close to the ground as you can and I'm going to slowly move the sword from your neck

He slowly started to move the sword and when it came out I heard Anabell sigh in relief

Anabell-Thanks now get me out of here!

Me-I got it!

We were close to the lake so I made the water come and then wash the metal off of her

Anabell-Thanks Percy

She brought out her sword and we attacked Talos after 10 minutes he was just a bunch of metal scraps

Anabell-Well that was fun!

Me-Let's go help the Apollo campers heal everyone!

We got everyone off the field and healed then Silena came back with everyone

Anabell-Sorry about the attack usually we don't all go out at once

Luciana-Luckily before you were crushed time ran out we won!

Anabell-Good job girls well we got to go our something worse will come!

Anabell climbed into an empty chariot and I got on Blackjack and helped Annabeth climb on behind me

Anabell-Bye guys!

Fay-Wait we didn't say ropes good bye

Sam-And a last Rip Shot cheer

Anabell laughed got of the chariot and then they started a cheer where you could hear then all the way at camp! After the cheer they all put their hand in the middle of a circle

Sam-Anabell you do the honors!



Anabell-Bye guys

They group hugged and then Anabell walked back to her chariot and we went back to camp

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