Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


9. Nothing We Can Do

3rd POV

Percy and Annabeth were helping Anabell get to the infirmary and they saw Chiron outside the infirmary


Chiron-Percy what is it? What's wrong?

Percy-Anabell she's gone blind

Chiron-Get her inside

They walked inside and Percy told him everything

Chiron-Percy watch Anabell I will get Mr. D here and see if he can heal her!

Minutes turned to hours as Percy and Annabeth were waiting for Dionysus to help Anabell when he finally came out of the infirmary


Mr. D-My powers can't heal her Perry Johnson

Percy-It's Percy Jackson

After that Mr. D walked away and Percy and Annabeth walked into the infirmary to talk to Anabell

Percy-Hey you okay?

Anabell-Yeah I'll be fine!

Annabeth-Are you sure?

Anabell-Yeah I just have to call my best friend!

Percy-Okay come on I'll take you!

Annabeth-Okay I have to get to archery I'll talk to you guys later!

Annabeth left and Percy went to the river in the woods and Percy did the whole Iris Message thing to Luciana

?-Hey Anabell

Anabell-Fay is that you?

Fay-Yeah it's me how come you didn't notice?

Anabell-Who's with you?

Fay-Luciana, Natalie, Nicole, Kaitlin, Sam, Jaylon, Victoria, and Yana how come you didn't notice?

Percy-Anabell's gone blind!

Anabell's Softball Team-WHAT!?

Luciana-Wait who are you?

Percy-I'm Percy Anabell's half-brother

Anabell-Guys I just wanted to tell you about this and that I'm fine!

Sam-How is Percy your half-brother?

Anabell-I'm adopted and he's my half-brother from my dads side!

Natalie-How are you calling us like this?

Percy-You should tell them

Anabell-I can't

Percy-Fine then I will

Nicole-Tell us what?

Percy-We're demigods

Victoria-What's a demigod?

Anabell-Half God half mortal!

Everything goes silent

Anabell-Okay I get that Jaylon is quiet but the rest I don't know Percy did you cut the connection?

Luciana-No we're just shocked!

Jaylon-Is it dangerous?

Anabell-No well kind of all we do is fight monsters that want to kill us! That sounded a lot better in my head!

Victoria-Can you use a sword? Can you show us?

Natalie-Victoria she's blind she can't!

Anabell-Actually I can and I bet I can beat Percy!

Percy-You're on!

Percy takes out Riptide and Anabell's softball team says whoa! And Anabell takes a sword from behind a tree and they fight and Anabell wins

Anabell-Told you!

Percy-Great beat by a blind 13 year old

Victoria-That was sweet!

Luciana-Anabell your arm has a cut on it and it's bleeding a lot!

Anabell-Don't worry about it I'll be fine we have to go bye!

Anabell cuts through the connection

Percy-You know I let you win!

Anabell-Sure you did!

Percy-We should go tomorrow's the winter solstice

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