Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


28. I Have To But I'll Be Back

Percy's POV

It was a few days ago when Anabell came back she fainted because she became light headed when she woke up was really entertaining though


Anabell just woke up Percy and Anabell were walking when a new camper walks up to them who is from Anabell's past


?-Glad your up!


Percy-You know Derek?

Anabell-Yeah he's my ex

Derek-So this is my you broke up with me!

Anabell-There's another reason too!

Derek-What is it?

Anabell-January 24th remember being at the mall? Because I was there I saw you kiss Kelsey!

Derek-I did not

-Anabell slaps him across the face grabs her knife from her belt cuts his right cheek and cuts his left arm then she runs towards the lake and Annabeth and Percy run after her-

Annabeth-Let me talk to her!

Percy-She's my sister

Annabeth-I'm a girl Perce I'll get what she's going through


-Annabeth walks up to Anabell who was sitting in the sand crying-

Annabeth-What was all that about?

Anabell-Derek is my ex-boyfriend I broke up with him when I was at the softball field I broke up with him or another reason as well...

Annabeth-What is that?

Anabell-He kissed... m-m-my best friend!

-Annabeth hugged her and she felt better-

*End of Flashback*

Like I said very entertaining!

Anabell-Perce can we talk?

Me-Yeah what's up?

Anabell-The school year starts in a few days and uh I'm going back this year

Me-You cant it's not safe

Anabell-It's my first year of high school I need to go! Plus I already told Chiron I was going!

Me-Are you staying in New York?

Anabell-No I'm going back to Texas! I called my parents I leave tomorrow but I promise I'll I.M. you 3 times a week!

Me-Alright don't forget your knife!

Anabell-How can I even get that in my school!?

We started laughing and then Beckendorf and Tyson walk in

Tyson-Anabell here a welcome back/good bye present

Anabell-What is it?

Beckendorf-It's a bracelet Silena came up with the design of the bracelet and Me and Tyson made it!

Anabell-Cool thanks

Tyson-Tap the side

She tapped the side and it became a sword like my pen

Anabell-Stylish and powerful my kind of accessory!

We laughed

Anabell-Thank you!

Beckendorf-Your welcome

Anabell-I better get some rest Texas time is 2 hours back then New York so when I leave at 10 I'll get there at 8!

Anabell went to her bunk and Beckendorf left and Tyson went to sleep as well and I decided to get some rest as well!

-A few weeks later-

Anabell's POV

I have been in Texas for two week and school has been hard since I'm dyslexic and my worst day was today I was in 7th period when an announcement came on it was one of my enemies

Girl-Hey everyone guess what smarty pants Anabell Cross got an F on her English test!

Everyone started laughing! Even the guy I liked I got up


I ran out of class and out the door since my class was in a small building outside the school so I ran out and cried out there I was about to run through the woods go to the near by lake and call Percy but then The Minotaur showed up he hit me and next thing I know I'm back in my class room glass shattered around me and then I rolled off a desk everyone got back I stood up and reached at my belt I forgot I don't have my knife then I remember Tyson's gift I hit my bracelet and then it became a sword everyone screamed

Me-What I'm trying to save you not kill you!

I jumped out the window that already had a hole in it I started fighting him and then I plunged the sword into his chest and then he became dust I sighed and wiped the blood off my sword and hit my sword and it became a bracelet on my wrist I looked in my class room everyone was shocked I didn't know what to do so I did the one thing I know what to do I whistled Blackjack swooped down and everyone was still shocked and we swooped up

Blackjack-Kicked out already?

Me-The Minotaur attacked me! And threw me at a window

I looked at my jeans and there was holes with blood in it

Me-Blackjack can we hurry

Blackjack-Were flying to New York!

Me-And by the time I get there all my blood will be gone!!

Blackjack-Flying Fast!

He started flying faster and we got there quick but I was feeling faint we landed at camp Percy saw me and he knew there was trouble because beginning of school year and I'm already back I tried hopping off but I ended up falling I fell on my back and Percy ran to me and helped me up

Percy-You okay?

Me-Yeah I'm good, light headed

Then Blackjack caught me I went to the bathroom changed out of the cut up bloody jeans and put on shorts I sat on the steps of the Poseidon cabin Michel patched up the cuts and he brought me some ambrosia squares I ate them and walked through the forest and to my little hide out away from camp I have a little beach and a little hut that I made with stuff I brought from home I walked to the water toke off my shoes and put my feet in then the blood stopped and I was healed I put on my shoes and walked to my hut and I had a call so I picked up


?-What happened at school? Where are you?

Me-I'm back at camp a monster attacked at school!

?-Thanks for letting us know!

Me-Well I shouldn't even have a phone I have to go this is dangerous!

?-Love you!


I hanged up and I heard a snap and I grabbed my knife

Me-Who's there?

Percy-Just me don't shot

Me-Are you following me?

Percy-Sorry this place is cool!

Me-Yeah I know

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