Finding the Truth

What happens when 13 year old Anabell finds out she's no ordinary softball playing 8th grader?! After Anabell finds out she was adopted she ran out of the house then she finds herself running into Camp Half-Blood! Who is her father or mother?


17. Going Home

Anabell's POV

It was a month later I just got some news from home and I want to go home just to see if she's okay but I don't know what to tell Percy I already told Chiron and he said I could go tomorrow but how will I tell Percy? I'll just tell him I got up from reading I walked out back and saw Percy practicing

Me-Um... Percy?


Me-I'm going home


Then the he splashed me with water

Percy-Sorry why are you going home?

Me-My niece she's sick I want to check on her

Percy-Okay when do you leave?


Percy-I'm coming with you

Me-No your not-

Percy-When you leave camp you need 2 people to go with you

Me-Fine can you find Annabeth I want her to go to!


It was the next day me, Percy, and Annabeth were getting ready to go I was in a aquamarine shirt and jeans with my black ankle boots and a little tiara that I was forced to wear since I was the only daughter of Poseidon

Annabeth-Why didn't you ask Grover to go?

Me-He hates country!

Annabeth-So where are we going?

Me-Small town in Texas

Percy-Lets go

He called Blackjack and 2 of his Pegasus friends I told him where to go and he nodded when we hit the Texas border I smelled the air and it was the same city mixed with country! We landed in my backyard I gave them sugar cubes

Annabeth-Anabell how are you not sweating its like 102 degrees!

Me-I'm lived here I think I'm use to it!

I knocked at the back door and my mom opened the door

Mom-Your back!

She gave me a hug but I didn't hug back

Me-I'm only here for Tess plus I need more clothes

Mom-Come in! Who are your friends?

We walked in and everything was the same

Me-This is Percy my half-brother and Annabeth a friend! Come on guys

We walked upstairs to my room and when I opened the door my friend Kaya was there


Kaya-Anabell! Where have you been?

Me-New York I just came for clothes I cant stay long or they will find me!

Kaya-Who are they? The cops?!

Me-NO! I can't say! Can you please go?

Kaya-First what is with the tiara

Me-I cant tell you just please I'm sorry!



I quickly got clothes inside my bag, talked to my niece and went to the backyard everyone was back there to say bye and it was getting darker

Me-Percy call them!

Brother-Call what?

Percy-Whistled and Blackjack came with his friends

Blackjack-What took you so long?

Me-Sorry hard to leave this house trust me!

Brother-Why are you talking to that?

Blackjack-I don't like him

Percy-Don't worry about him

Brother-Why are you talking to a horse with wings!!??

Me-Percy we have to go! And our father is Poseidon and he created the horse so we can talk to anything that's horse related! Blackjack lets go!

We hopped on the Pegasus's and left Texas back to New York we were just flying then Percy came next to me and Annabeth was on my other side

Annabeth-Why were you so hard on your family?

Me-They lied to me they aren't my family

Percy-They still raised you


I made my horse fly faster ahead of them but I headed to New York but I didn't go to camp I went to the one place I could think! The ocean! I headed to a peer and told my Pegasus to fly up and when I needed him I would whistle he did what I told him I went to the edge and sat down and looked out since it was late nobody was at the peer I heard footsteps behind me but I ignored them the footsteps stopped and someone put their hand on my shoulder I turned around and saw my father


Poseidon-I got a message from Percy about that argument

Me-I didn't mean to shout its just I don't like to think of my past it's to painful

Poseidon-Everyone's past is painful

Me-I know what was she like? My mom?

Poseidon-She was beautiful, charming, kind and caring everything you are

I didn't say anything I guess I was shocked my dad is here talking about my dead mother

Poseidon-She loved you very much!

I still didn't say anything

Poseidon-You should get back to camp or Percy will be worried

Me-Your right bye

Poseidon-Bye Anabell

I whistled and my Pegasus came I hopped on waved bye to my dad and rode off to Camp Half-Blood

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