Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


7. Memories Haunt Forever

 I can't believe it!! The asshole who raped me, is back! I mean how did he even find me!! We moved so often i'm just shocked! "Hello Blair!" He smirked. "What do you want Drake?! I told you to never talk to me or even look for me again!!" I shout loud enough for the boys to hear. They all ran up on my sides and gave him a death glare. "Who's this Blair?" Liam asked. "It's....Drake..." I say looking down because I hate saying his name. "Well..Drake I see you are causing Blair discomfort so please go away." Liam says always trying to be the gentleman. "Fine. But only because I don't wanna spoil my plot." He then storms off out the front door and speeds away.

    Nialls P.O.V

  Hmm....I wonder what for lunch I'm starving.. "What do you want Drake?! I told you to never talk to me or even look for me again!!" I hear Blair shout. "Boys c'mon thats blair!" I yell concerned. I know I shouldn't be thinking about her more than a friend but there's a little voice in the back of my head saying to just know her more then try to ask her out.

  Blair's P.O.V

  I was so mad that he even tried to talk to me!! "So what happened between you to??" Harry asked confused with a hint of worry in his beautiful emerald eyes. I loudly sigh. I hate getting into my past.It's the past it shouldn't be bothered with. "He was my bf. I didn't want to have sex with him so....He..." I looked down and fought back the tears threatening to fall. I cried silently but not silent enough..before i knew it all the boys were hugging me and i could feel the tears fall faster. I finally stop crying enough to finish. "He knocked me out and...he chained me to a bed and tortured me until he....r-raped me..." I cry more now.. "He then was sent to jail for a long time but someone must have bailed him out....He's the one who killed my dad. He placed a bomb under the car to try to kill me my brother and my dad." I finish.. "Blair...I'm so sorry we didn't know.." Louis said comforting me. "It's ok louis...we don't know eachother so we dont know anything about our pasts and such." I say a little sad. "That's okay blair!! We will get to know eachother because we are going to have you stay the night at our flat for the first month of school!!" Louis and niall shout super excited. "I don't and my best friend lilly were gunna hang out for awh-" I got cut off by niall saying "she can stay also!" He then blushes a deep red making all of us make fun of him. We all go separate ways except for me and liam. I'm excited because then I can bond and have a true friendship with them. "So...How come you travel alot if you dont mind me asking?" Liam asked finally. "Well, my mom goes on alot of buisness trips so we have to travel for her work." I say sadly. We get to class and sit down in the back.

 *After all the classes til its lunch (Sorry just lazy its 11 PM right now)*

 Harry's P.O.V

 I can't wait to see Blair again!! The only time I saw her was during singing class. She didn't sing today because shes new but I really wanna see her. All of a sudden i'm hugged from behind. I turn around to see the 'popular' blonde,blue eyes girl named ashley. "What do you need ashley?" i ask irritated. "Nothing HarryBear! I just wanted to see you!" She says in an annoying tone. "Ashley i'm busy kay!? And plus i dont like yo-" I get interrupted by her pushing me against a locker and her smashed lips against mine.I then kiss back!!! What am I doing!? I love Blair!! Did i just say that? Yes I did!! I love Blair. All of a sudden I hear a small sob and loud running footsteps. I push Ashley off of me and shout at her "I NEVER LIKED YOU OKAY ASHLEY!! WE HAD NOTHING TOGETHER OKAY! NOW LEAVE ME ALONE! AND THE REST OF THE BOYS!" I storm off trying to find Blair!



What do you thinks gunna happen!? Continue reading because i'm trying to fit in as many chapters I can tonight!! Love you Carrot Kitty's!! <3

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