Biggest Dream Come True?!

Sorry if this is bad. I've never written stories before. This is my first one and I'm trying my hardest but in all actuality it's hard to think of something good.


6. Falling For Him?!

I fell for her ... like... I really thought she was cute...Until.. I saw her with Harry. The way those two looked into each others eyes before she turned around looking at all of us with big bulgy eyes. I have to admit...They are still cute..WAIT! what am I saying! She obviously likes harry.

  Blair's P.O.V

  I felt my palms getting sweaty and my heart started to race. I can't believe i'm sitting next to the rest of One Direction!! I decided to be the strong one since they all were looking at me with a..Weird you might say?.....Expression on their faces. My face looked at the ground and I finally say "H-Hi I'm Blair..." they all waved at me but before the one named Louis could even say something the stern woman gave me a timetable... She said in a monotone voice "I've assigned you classes with all of these boys." she then points to the boys of my dreams.. Did she really just do that!! I've gotta text Lilly!! Lilly is my B.F.F.L because she's been with me through the tough times so I know I can truly trust her. When the ugly woman left I quickly walked out of the office with the boys trailing behind me. I quickly text Lilly about it.




     Hey Lilly! I can't wait to see you next week!! I'm in soo much shock right now cuz ONE DIRECTION!! yes i said that!! go to this school!! I've been assigned to have classes with every single one of them! FANGIRL MOMENT!! Txt bck A.S.A.P!! TTYL  <3

     After I sent the text a hand fell onto my shoulder so I quickly turned to see who it was... I gasped!!! It...Cant Be!!!



DUN DUN DUN!! Who is it gunna be?? I might not post in a bit because i'm helping out with charity for a little bit. I'll try to post tomorrow if not ull know why!  BYE Carrot Kittys! <3

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