Two Shades Of Styles

When Harley Normand meets Harry Styles, she finds that there's two sides to this mysterious and seductive man. One of them is the sweet, caring man that she adores. But then there is also a dark side. I guess you could say his sexiest side, Harley wants him, but is afraid of the risk. Plus, with Harry being filthy rich, this would be all over the media. But when she finds Harry wants her just as much, will she give in? And will Harley be all that Harry's needs desire?


8. The other shade

       I awoke to find muscular arms around my waist. I smiled. Harry. I turned around and snuggled against his chest. He moaned and held me closer. We were naked and I smelled the fresh cologne on my hand. My perfume smeared on him. I kissed his chest. "Good morning babe," I whispered. "Hello baby," Harry kissed my forehead. I fluttered my eyes open to catch him smiling down at me. We kissed passionately and I ran my hand through his hair. "What do you want to do today?" He asked. "Just lay here. Oh can we baby?" I smiled. "I guess. If I don't get a call from work," he sighed. "Yay," I giggled. "Do you have anything I could cook?" I asked. "Please, I have a butler. He'll do that," he got up out of bed and I saw him naked once again. I giggled slightly as he turned. "You are just the most beautiful little thing," he bent down and kissed my nose. I slid up out of bed and tied a robe on. I walked to Harry who now had on just pants. I pecked his lips. "Go downstairs and tell Niall what you would like for breakfast," he instructed, pointing to the door. I turned and headed downstairs. My feet padded against the 2 flights of stairs to the 3rd stair where I was confronted by the blonde haired butler. "Ms. Normand! Good morning! I do not mean to be rude, but why are you still here?" he smiled politely. "Um, I stayed here all night," I flung my hair to the side. "Really? Well you're the first to make it 'til morning," he spoke. I took his arm in hand as he walked me toward the kitchen. "What do you mean?" I questioned the young man. "Well, Mr. Styles has had a lot of women over, but they all leave before morning. He has a name for these women, but I can't quite remember. My advice, be careful not to be broken. But I wouldn't worry if I was you. Seems he is fond of you, since you are wearing his robe," he explained. Women? What women? He never told me he had been with many. 

                      "Niall," someone scowled behind me. I turned to see Harry with balled fist at the door. "Mr. Styles sir. May I help you?" Niall stepped to him. "May I speak with you?" Harry gritted his teeth. They walked into the next room and I heard a loud BANG! Harry walked back into the room seconds later with an annoyed look on his face. He suddenly grabbed my shoulders. "Don't listen to him. I'm the same person you met at my company," he growled. I became frightened. He had never grabbed me like that. "What women?" I spoke nervously. "Nevermind that," he took out eggs from the fridge. I sat upon the stool with my arms crossed on the gravel top. "I just want to know," I snapped. "I said nevermind it," he gave me a stone look. "You are not the same. And I don't know if I like this other side of you," I stated. "What? Do I frighten you?" he chuckled and crossed his arms. "Now you do," I looked down. I heard footsteps and then two arms wrapped around me, picking me up. "There's nothing to be scared of. I'll keep you safe," he set me on the top of the table, his forehead against mine. I kissed him softly as he smiled. 

                            "Some eggs ma'am?" Niall stepped in the room, a dark black spot over his eye. I ran over to him and skimmed it with my thumb. "Harry! Did you hit him?!" I spat. "He told you something I didn't want spread," he shrugged. I gave him a disgusted look then turned to the injured butler. "Come on," I led him over to the freezer. I placed ice cubes into a Zip Lock bag and placed it over the right eye. "You are so kind, Ms. Normand," he smiled. "Please, call me Harley," I patted his back and grabbed Harry into the the living room. "Tell me who those women were or I'm leaving!" I whisper yelled. "Oh my God. They were nothing to me. Just one night stands. You're different, you're the first one I've ever slept with all night," he rubbed my shoulders. I laid my head on his chest. "What did you call them?" I asked. "Submissives," he answered. What a strange name. Unique. "You, I don't think I can call you a submisssive," he kissed. "I lo- lo- love you," I stuttered. "I love you too".

                                     The rest of the day, we just sat on the couch and watched movies. Niall even watched Forrest Gump with us. Turns out he has a wife named Jamie and a 2 year old daughter named Augustina. I sat in bed with Harry against his chest. "Harley?" "Yeah," I answered. "Stay with me, will you?" he kissed my forehead. "Don't let me go".

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