Two Shades Of Styles

When Harley Normand meets Harry Styles, she finds that there's two sides to this mysterious and seductive man. One of them is the sweet, caring man that she adores. But then there is also a dark side. I guess you could say his sexiest side, Harley wants him, but is afraid of the risk. Plus, with Harry being filthy rich, this would be all over the media. But when she finds Harry wants her just as much, will she give in? And will Harley be all that Harry's needs desire?


10. Punish?

                           The club was full and the music, booming. Lizzy and I had changed into something sexier. I was in a leopard print, skin tight dress while Liz appeared in a black shirt and tight black jeans. We both wore black high heeled boots. I walked to the bar and soaked my sorrow in alcohol. By the fourth drink, I was fully drunk. "Hi. I'm Justin, wanna dance?" An attractive man held his hand to my waist. "Sure," I replied. He grabbed my hand and we walked to the crowded dance floor. I turned, my back against his as the music flooded my ears. He held my waist against his as I started to grind to the rhythm. My head on his shoulder, I grind harder and harder. I felt his erection along my crotch as I became wet. Justin's hands slid up and down my body.

                         "Hey! That's my girl!!" I heard. Suddenly I was pulled away from Justin as he fell to the ground. I turned my head to see a furious Harry. "I was having fun!" I spat. "You're coming home!" He screamed and pulled me along. I yanked on his arm as we came closer to the exit. He pulled me hard to where I was against his chest. "What the fuck were you doing?!" His forehead closer to mine as he gritted his teeth and looked down at me. "I told you. Having fun!"I slurred. I gasp as his fingers slid down, exploring my underwear. "Who made you this wet?!" He yelled. "I think you know who," I replied. He pulled me outside and I finally yanked away. "Why can't I have fun Harry?!" I was furious. He simply walked over to me and threw me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I banged my fist against his back. He threw me into the back seat of his car and handcuffed me. "No! What are you...." Harry had covered my lips with duct tape. He chuckled and slammed my door shut. My screams were mumbles as I squirmed in the back. "Shut up!" Harry demanded as he got into the drivers seat. Tears rolled down as he pulled from "niGght". He dialed a number and began to speak. "Niall, you can go home. Yes Harley is with me. Yes. Okay thank you. Bye bye". No. All alone with Harry like this. Knots filled in my stomach as tears still fell.

                             As what felt as a couple minutes, we stopped. Harry got out and carried me in the mansion. I shook my head vigorously and cried. "Shut up!!" He ran up the red stairs to his room. He threw me onto the bed and the handcuffs began to leave marks. Harry chuckled slightly and looked at me. "How could you? You know I love you. But I guess I love a slut," he removed his shirt. "Now it's time for punishment," he smirked. Punishment? What did he mean? He removed his pants and boxers then climbed over me, ripping my dress off. Slowly, he cascaded my bra and underwear down. "You probably would've let that asshole get this far wouldn't you?" Harry slid his hands down my bare body. I shook my head. I could never cheat on Harry. 

                          Suddenly, Harry thrust into me. He started with fast, hard, and rough thrust. I was in pain but it soon turned to pleasure. I moaned, only to have Harry slap a hand over my mouth. "I don't wanna hear you," he grunted as he continued to to slam in me. My fist clenched, making the handcuffs scratch my wrist. My head tilted back as he bit and suck at my neck, leaving lovebites.  I wanted so bad to moan his name. "Who makes you feel this good?!!!!" Harry yelled. "YOU HARRY! ONLY YOU!" I screamed. "Who's your ruler?!!!" "HARRY!!" We exploded. 

                          He lay beside me. We were breathing heavily and he removed my handcuffs. I rubbed the marks and laid my head on Harry's chest. "I'm so sorry," I whispered. "I just hated it so much. Seeing you with that guy. It wasn't me. I love you," Harry kissed. "Baby I love you too".

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