Two Shades Of Styles

When Harley Normand meets Harry Styles, she finds that there's two sides to this mysterious and seductive man. One of them is the sweet, caring man that she adores. But then there is also a dark side. I guess you could say his sexiest side, Harley wants him, but is afraid of the risk. Plus, with Harry being filthy rich, this would be all over the media. But when she finds Harry wants her just as much, will she give in? And will Harley be all that Harry's needs desire?


6. First Time... with him...

                                                  As the bell rung, I sprung from my seat. "Bye Harley!" Makayla waved. I smiled and waved back to her. Lizzy caught up with me. "Hey slow down there hot shot," she caught her breath. "I have to get dressed," I explained. "For what?" She asked. "I have to see Harry at 4 pm," I answered. "Wow," she gasped. "Are you two gonna, y'know?" she nudged my arm. "I don't know. Probably not," I opened the door and walked down the hall. "I have to meet someone at the coffee shop so have fun," Liz winked and walked off. 
                                                  I slid the key in the lock and opened the dorm door. "Going somewhere baby?" I heard a raspy voice from behind. I turned nervously around and gasped as I saw Harry still in a tux. He had a deep smirk spread across his plump cherry lips and his curls were a mess on his head. His eyes were shades of grey and black with great lust. "H- Harry what are y- you doing here?" I stuttered. "I got off work to see you. I want you," he came close as I started to bite my lip. "Stop biting that lip or I'll take you know," he grabbed my bum. I gasped and grabbed his collar. His hands slithered up my back to the zipper of my dress as he closed the door with his foot. "This needs to be off your body. It covers my view," he whispered against my neck. He slowly started to unzip me as he kissed up my neck and jaw. "Mmmm," I moaned and bit my lip. "You like that baby girl?" he nibbled and sucked at my neck, leaving love bites. I slid his jacket off as he chuckled. "I'm about to make you feel real good baby," his strong hands came to my shoulders as he slid the straps down my shoulders. He backed me up and onto the bed. I lay there as he slid my dress off. "Watch me. If you would like," he bent down and kissed my bite. He slowly got up and started to undress before me. I couldn't believe it. Harry Styles was getting naked in my dorm.... For me! First came his shirt and I was stunned by his toned abs. "By the way you are treating that lip I think you like what you see," he chuckled. I released my lip and watched as he slid down his pants. He exposed what I had caused, and it was quite large. I didn't know I could have that sort of an affect on him. He walked over and climbed on top of me. "Now tell me baby, are you a virgin?" he kissed my neck. "Um, yes. I am," I admitted. "Good. I'll be the first." His hand found the back and he unhooked my bra. He slid it off and smoothed his hands over each of my breast. I moaned as he slid my underwear down my legs. "Rip them off me," Harry whispered into my ear. I took my hands to his boxers and ripped straight down the Calvin Klein's. My fingers met his little friend. I grasped it into my hand and squeezed up and down fast. "Oh, Harley," Harry moaned. I went faster, hearing him moan and call out my name. I wanted to pleasure him more. Suddenly, I took my hands to his waist and flipped him over. "Harley, what are you doing?" he caught his breath as I crawled down to the floor. My eyes met the little friend as I sat on my knees. Harry was staring to me confused. I came closer and licked the head of it. Harry gripped the covers and moaned loudly. I parted my lips and took it in. Sucking hard, I went up and down it while holding his waist to keep him still. "Harley stop before I cum in your mouth," he panted. I ignored his protest and kept sucking. "Oh Harley!" I felt a warm, salty liquid go down my throat. This was him. I got up and licked my lips. "I'm gonna have to repay the favor," he got up and grabbed my shoulders. He picked me up and started to kiss me passionately. 

                                               I heard a knock at the door. "Harley, let me in!" Lizzy called. "Shit," I jumped to the ground and grabbed the pile of clothes. "Go in the bathroom," Harry whisper-yelled to me. We both ran into the bathroom and quickly slid into our clothes. "Okay well I guess it wouldn't look right if I came out of the bathroom with you so, I'm gonna go. Bye baby," he kissed me and climbed out of the bathroom window. "HARLEY" Lizzy yelled and banged on the door. I fixed my messy hair and ran to the door. I unlocked it and let her in. "God, what were you doing in here?" she asked. "Oh I was um... eating," I answered. "Okay well. Guess what happened with Louis?!" she jumped and held up her hand to show an engagement ring....

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