The Beastly Beauty? (Sequel to Beauty and the Beast?)

It's been four months since Grace Belle, Perrie Edwards, and Maya Canning left the town of Foster. The life in New York has been amazing but... Perrie, Grace, and Maya know that things will never be the same without their lives back in Foster. The three know that they will most probably never see any of the boys ever again. That was-until-the boys find the girls and take them back home. Back to where the scent of danger fills the air so much like it's a drug. But the real problem is, will Grace go back to either Harry or Luke? Will she have to pick between them? Or, will she just take the first chance she has to leave Foster again and make sure she never returns?


5. Chapter 5


 ~Grace's P.O.V~

  The ride back to Foster was tiring. Normally what would take 5 hours took seven due to the bad weather conditions we drove in, it took 7. That was at least what Perrie said, maybe she just wanted to take her time to drive and process what we were going to do. I didn't ask her but just by the look she gave me, I could tell. Maya and I ended up switching seats at about three hours into the drive because I just was feeling light headed from all the 'excitement'. Once we arrived we just stopped on the main highway. We should've planned ourselves better, returning after leaving wasn't easy.

 "Well, here we go," Perrie said clutching the wheel and driving away. I rest beck in my seat and sighed. It was the peak of 7:00am. It was so dark here and don't even get me started on the weather... New York was cold but here... It's even colder.

  "Where are we going to stay?" I asked.

  "Well, we could go back to our homes and stay there until we leave," Perrie suggested. Maya nodded in agreement. I sighed at the roofing of the car.

  "I couldn't do that to my dad or Will, it would just be too painful for both of us." I said. "Like it wasn't horrible the last time, I don't think I could face them ever again," I said wrapping the blanket I brought along with my tightly around my body.

 "Well, I don't want to even see Zayn and face him either so going back home is a no for me, too," Perrie said nodding her head forward.

  "And I couldn't face the disappointing looks from my mother so yeah, it's a no for me, as well," Maya said shrugging.

  "So where are we going to stay then?" I asked shutting my eyes tightly. I opened them and saw Maya and Perrie exchange glances.

  "We spoke to Eleanor before we left New York and she's letting us sleep at her house," Maya explained. "But-"

  "She now lives with Louis," Perrie finished. "And Louis lives with-"

  "Luke and-"

  "Harry," Perrie completed. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

  "I'll just sleep in the car then," I said rubbing my eyes from the lack of sleep. I shivered as the cold hit me. "How would we even fit in a house with 6 other people?"

  "Well, Eleanor sleeps in the garage, Noel sleeps there sometimes, too so Eleanor has bunk beds," said Maya.

  "Then where does Eleanor sleep?"

  "With Louis," replied Perrie. "It's a pretty big house, Grace, we'll all fit. The thing about the beds is that we'll all take turns having to share a bed, it'll work fine,"

  "The things I do for people who get hit by cars," I said placing my hand over my forehead. Soon enough I felt the car stop which meant, we were here. I sat up and looked through the windshield to see Eleanor standing drinking coffee. To be honest, she looked quite pale. She almost resembled my mother when she found out she had cancer. The three of us got out of the car and walked up to Eleanor who embraced us all in a hug.

  "It's been too long," Eleanor said without any effort. Something was wrong just, what?

  "How's Harry?" I asked putting my hands in my pockets then shivering. Eleanor slouched down and sighed.

  "About that, I tried to call-"

  "Eleanor?" Perrie said cutting Eleanor off in mid-sentence.

  "I tried to call but, you had no service and I knew by the time I would reach you it would be too late and-"

  "Grace?" said a voice from behind. Anyone would know that voice anywhere. It was deep, dark, and British. I sucked in a deep breathe and turned around to see him.

  "And you forgot to mention that Harry was never hurt," I finished for Eleanor.

  "Eleanor!?" Perrie and Maya said in unison. I looked back at Eleanor who was trembling, and not from the weather. Harry didn't look the same as he did four months ago. He didn't look the same as in the mind illusions. Four months ago he was basically a plump little boy but now, I could just see his muscles outlined through the sleeves of his top. His biceps were curved perfectly and I just didn't know how to handle the change. You could just look into his eyes and be afraid of him. I'm not saying I was afraid of him, that would never happen but, he just wasn't the same. He looked tired, he seemed over worked, I didn't like it whatsoever, it wasn't him.

  "Well, I'm going to make some coffee, care to join?" Eleanor asked. I nodded my head in her direction and followed Eleanor into the house. I sat down on a dinning room chair and stared down at my lap the whole time until Eleanor handed me my mug.

  "Why did you do this?" I asked solemnly. Eleanor sighed.

  "Zayn found out I had contact with you and wanted to get Perrie back along with Liam with Maya," she started. I turned my attention to Harry noticing she had said nothing about him saying anything about him not wanting me back. Why would he when he can just have Mariah? "So, the boys thought that if we deeply got to you, we'd get to Perrie and Maya, so I helped them knowing arguing would do nothing,"

  "Why didn't you tell me about it?" Harry asked squeezing the handle on his mug.

  "Because you wouldn't have wanted to worry Grace at all," Eleanor replied. I bit my tongue from saying anything else.

  "I officially don't want to see Zayn now," Perrie said with a bitter face on. "He can't just expect me to want to stay with him after that,"

  "Same goes here with Liam," Maya said raising her hand up for effect.

  "Well, they'll be here in at least 10 minutes, the boys come around early," Eleanor said smiling.

  "Well, when do we leave, Perrie?" I asked. Perrie took a long sip of her coffee and gripped her keys.

  "Whenever you desire to," she answered. I nodded at her, one of my closest friends actually showed she cared, it was a nice feeling. Before anyone said anything else there was a knock on the door. Eleanor jumped to go open it. Perrie twitched in her seat, it must've been Zayn and she knew it better then anyone. As soon as Eleanor opened the door three boys busted into the room. A blond one, one with a quiff, and one with growing hair. Maya turned to green at the sight of Liam.

  "Perrie," Zayn said smiling. Perrie crossed her legs and arms and just looked at her car keys which rested on the table. I noticed Liam staring at Maya like he wanted to say something but he knew, something wasn't right and Liam was smart. Liam knew when something should be left alone. I looked over at Harry who was studying me vigorously. I squeezed the fabric on my jeans and sucked in a long breathe. The stress hit me once more. Did the boys actually know where we were staying?

  "Where's the bathroom?" I asked clutching my stomach. Eleanor pointed down the hall and I followed through her directions. As soon as I shut the bathroom door I looked at myself in the mirror. I heard a knock expecting it to be Perrie or Maya, maybe even both. I didn't think when I opened the door and in came in Harry. My breathing hitched as I saw him.

   "I didn't believe that you would actually come," Harry said.

   "Well, you should believe more often b-because I'm here," I said.

   "Could you promise you'll actually stay?" Harry asked in his comforting and gentle tone. I knew the answer I was going to give, I didn't know myself whether it was a lie or not though....

  "I'm staying as long as I need to. And I'm only doing this because I want Perrie and Maya to see what they want to do with Liam and Zayn," I said.

  "And what about you and me?" Harry asked.

  "There's no need to see where that goes."

  "And why do you say that?" Harry asked approaching me. I hesitated for a moment but managed to spit out the words.

  "Because there is nothing to pursue, you and I are officially finished." I said before leaving the bathroom.

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