Eyes Wide Open

An American directioner, Elly, is walking in her hometown Atlanta, Georgia when suddenly she was knocked down by hundreds of girls. Harry Styles helps her up and he falls in love with her right when he saw her. She doesn't bring herself to believe it was Harry who helped her. He searches for Elly but when they finally meet again will they get together?

(no sexaul content)

*BTW this is my first fanfic so it might suck bad*


6. The House



"This is the backyard Harry." He looked around. "Why is there a dog house?" He asked. "What kind of question is that? It obvousily means I have a dog." My dog, Styles, ran up to me. "Hey boy! Whatcha doing? Huh?" I played around with the dog. Styles was a corgie. Harry seemed to like him. "Awww. Whats his name?" I looked around nervously. I didn't want him to know I named a dog after him. "Uhhhh...... Styles." I say quietly. Harry laughed. "Haha. Like I said nothing to be embaressed about." We both laughed. Then Styles tripped me and I fell right into Harry's arms. "Sorry, Styles is always getting in the way........" Harry was pulling me in for a kiss. "Harry! Are you enjoying the house?" My mom interrupted our "almost" kiss. "Yes Mrs.Thomas." "Please call me Jen." "OK.......Jen." I was annoyed. "Mom! You know that alone thing you were talking about earlier. Yeah, we would like that back." "Elly, can I see you for a second?" "Yeah." I turned to Harry. "Stay right here. I'll be right back." I follow my mom into the living room. "Elly, who is he excactly?" "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." "Yes I will. I promise." "OK. He is Harry Styles from the biggest boyband on the planet, One Direction." My mom gave me a blank stare. "Are you lying to me?" "No!" "Well I guess his accent didn't actually sound American." "Mom are you alright with that?" "Yes." She seemed calm until she started jumping around like she was on drugs. "Oh honey I'm so glad your dating your celeb crush!" "Mom we're not dating." "Well what are you waiting for?! Go get him then!"






Elly came back without her mum. "Hi. I'm back." "Was everything ok in there because I heard screaming." "Yeah everything's good, I just had to tell her the truth about you." "Oh. Haha. I think I should go, the boys are probably wondering where I am." She looked and me and smiled. "Or you can call them and say your fine and just stay over." I liked this idea. "OK." 

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