Eyes Wide Open

An American directioner, Elly, is walking in her hometown Atlanta, Georgia when suddenly she was knocked down by hundreds of girls. Harry Styles helps her up and he falls in love with her right when he saw her. She doesn't bring herself to believe it was Harry who helped her. He searches for Elly but when they finally meet again will they get together?

(no sexaul content)

*BTW this is my first fanfic so it might suck bad*


14. Flight

*Elly's P.O.V.*


           One Direction is finally done with the Take Me Home tour. That means Harry's going home in England. We haven't texted eachother ever since I got mad at him for accusing me of cheating. I really miss get his sweet texts. I really miss him. 

           I turned on the radio and Story of My Life was on. I burst out crying. I can't take it anymore. I have to see him. I got my phone. I had a text from Harry.



HARRY: Ready to see eachother? :)


           I smiled and laughed. I can't believe I'm going to London! 

           I got off the plane and waited for Harry. 15 minutes passed by. He wasn't here. I went looking for him. I couldn't find him. Then hands landed over my eyes. I turned around and there was Harry. "Harry!" I jumped into his arms and kissed him over and over again. "I've missed you so much!" Harry looked into my eyes and smiled. "How was the flight?" "Good, I mean I look like a mess with no makeup on or anything, but other than that good, and of course there was the the annoying six year old who wouldn't stop kicking the back of my seat." He took my hand. "Well thats good." We started walking. He took me outside the airport to a car. He took my bags and put them in the trunk. He opened the car door for me. I sat down while he closed the door. We drove past the hotel I was supposed to stay in. "Harry?! What are you doing?! That was my hotel!" He laughed. "There's alot more of London you haven't seen yet." 

            After we drove around the whole city, Harry took me to my hotel. He parked, got out of the car, and got my bags for me. We walked inside to the lobby. Harry went up to the front desk. "Yes we a room reservation. Last name Styles." Styles? I thought he was just gonna drop me off at the hotel and get me in my room then leave. Harry got the key and walked me up to the room. "Harry I didn't know you were staying with me." "Did you think I was just gonna leave you here alone when I haven't seen you in weeks? Don't be crazy Elly. I would never do that." "Where are your bags then?" "I knew I forgot something. I was so focoused on you coming back I forgot. I'm going to take a quick drive to get my clothes. I'll be right back babe." 

          Harry and I got ready for bed. "Oh no!" Harry came over to me. "Whats wrong Elly?" "I forgot my pjs. I'm such an idiot!" "Harry started to look through his bag. "Here wear this shirt." I grabbed his shirt, went to the bathroom to put it on, and came out to get in bed. I loved his shirt. It smelled just like him. I wanted to have his scent wherever I went. I never wanted to take it off. I got in bed and laid next to Harry. He turned off the lights and wrapped his arms around me. "Goodnight." He whispered.




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