Ali is a warrior. How? Want to know her story through life and then meeting Andy Sixx? Read to find out ;)


1. Part 1

Ali's POV

I woke up to my alarm clock blaring next to my head. "With knives and pens we made our plight!" screamed my clock. Ughhhh. I got up. "Hey, the concert is in 2 days and I'll finally get to meet the person I'm in love with! Andy Sixx." I said to myself. I was going by myself, but my foster mom had bought me front row and back stage tickets. I stood up and walked to my closets, putting on random ass things so i could go out for awhile. I walked outside. Ahh.  No school. I didn't have to work. But life was still pretty miserable. I was bullied by the other foster kids. And i was made fun of in pu blic. I hate life.. I cut. I'm suicidal. Oh well. I sighed. I wish i had friends.

Andy's POV

"ANDY!!!!!!!" screamed Jinxx. I groaned. I wanted to fucking sleep today. I got up. We had a concert in 2 days. Hmmm i dont know why, but i know something amazing will happen to me. I grinned and walked to the kitchen. Mmmm breakfast.

2 days later.......

Concert time hell yeah. I sat on the couch backstage waiting for our manger to tell us it was show time.


Hmm. I wonder what will happen. More in a little bit! ;)

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