Adopted by the Unthinkables

Alex, or Lex had naturally straight chocolate brown hair that reached her stomach and was very thick. She now has permanatly pink hair so some people call her CC (Cotten Candy). She cut her hair so it was thicker at the top and got thin at the bottom. She stays at an orphanage at the age of 16.

What happens when she finally gets adopted?

Who are the unthinkables?

All questions will be answered in, 'Adopted by the Unthinkables'!


3. Moving In

I followed them out of the car and towards the large and expensive looking house. "Wow. This is an upgrade." I muttered and they both laughed. They led me up the stairs and towards a room and opened the door. It was definitely a cool room. It had white painted walls, and a small chandelier hung from the ceiling. The bed was white, black, and a little pink hid in the pillows and there was a bookcase that wrapped above the bed with books and little trinkets around it. ((Okie. I can't explain anymore-- I'm not that hot at it. Here is the room: ))

They left me alone to unpack and I began to put my clothes away. Once I was done, I sat on the bed and thought of what's happened so far, I do this every once in awhile.


I was in the orphanage and Lex stayed with me for the last time. I was adopted by two anime characters who I thought were fake and only existed in the t.v. Now here I am, in what seems like a mansion, living with America and England. Holy crap, lots has happened.


I sighed as I walked down the stairs and coughed as dark smoke evaded my lungs. "Wha..?" I asked as I quickly hopped down to ground level. There stood England coughing like a maniac with rocks on a tray. "Oh no." I murmured as I slowly began walking up the stairs, but it seemed fate hated me at the moment for England saw me. "Hello, love, would you like to try a scone? They're fresh out of the oven." he said happily while opening a window. "S-Sure... Sure, why not..?" I whimpered as I carefully walked towards him. It was like a time bomb, if you walk too fast he'll explode. 


He handed me a scone and I looked over to see America had a sad look on his face and he held a sign. It read: 'It was nice knowing you." in messy handwriting. I whimpered before nibbling on the scone slightly. It tasted like dirt. "Mmmmmm... Yummy." I said shakily. I took a quick bite and, without chewing, swallowed the bite whole. His green eyes lit up like Christmas lights and a smile adorned his face. "I'm glad to know you like it. The bloody gits don't know what they're talking about when they eat my food. Right, love?" he said animatedly. "Of course. But, ah, I'm not all that hungry right now.. So.." I trailed over to the trashcan and tossed the cursed scone into the trash before waving goodbye.


America led me out and we silently got in the car. 


"You hungry?" he asked.


"Of course. I just didn't want to hurt his feelings."


"McDonald's it is then." he said with a loud laugh.


Soon we made it to McDonald's and after we ordered, it looked like if we ate it all we'd have a heart attack.



Okie, it's 9:03 at night and I have to go to bed right now because of the iLeap/Leap tomorrow. (I'm in seventh grade so that one. I dunno which one it is XD) I really hope you like this, and I'll update the other books tomorrow! BYE BYE~! :)

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