A Love That Lasts A Lifetime *TWILIGHT FAN FICTION*


2. Second part of prolouge



"I did warn you to let me go." I tell the half breed smirking.

"Yeah yeah." He says glaring at me.

I just shrug my shoulders.

"So Carlisle who have you added since I have last seen you?" I say sitting down besides Rayelle trying to calm her down.

"Well there is Rosalie. She came after Edward. Then there's Emmett and Alice and Jasper. Bella is the last to be welcomed into our family." He says pointing to each one.

"But what of the child? Surely you wouldn't make an immortal child. You know the rules just as well as I do. When I first heard the rumors that you had made an immortal child I didn't believe it. But there she stands." I say coldly to my dear old friend.

"She is not what you think she is Princess. She is half mortal half vampire. She was conceived when Bella was still a human." Edward explains to me quickly.

"Is that even possible? The only way I have Raye is because she is the last of my bloodline and she was dying. She was sixteen when I changed her." I say doubting him.

"Do you not hear the blood flowing through her veins or hear her heart?" He asks me looking astonished.

"I suppose you are right Eddie. I am sorry I doubted your family. She is a beautiful child." I say smiling at the little girl.

"Will someone tell me why the hell you guys are acting like she is royalty and behaving strangely." Jacob demands of the family.

"Because she is royalty you mutt. From the oldest royal bloodline that there is record of even if stupid historians say that it doesn't exist." Raye snaps at him.

"Enough Raye. But yes I am a royal. And not a Voultori like most of you who do not know me are thinking." I respond to the question.

"No! Surely not! It can't be." The boy who I didn't even notice come into the room.

"Its true Henry. She is what you saw." Eddie answers him.

I give him a questioning look.

"He can see your past. That is his special gift. That is Henry. He is one of the newest to our coven. We did not turn him however. He came seeking us." Edward explains.

"Its an honor too meet you Princess Ashlynn." The boy Henry says.

I just shrug my shoulders. I see the child yawn.

"Its quite late. Should she not go to bed?" I question no one in particular.

"Yes I think someone should be getting to bed now." Bella says to her.

"But mommy I wanna talk to the princess more!" She says pouting.

"Child we have all the time to talk. I will tell you of all my adventures some other time. I promise." I say hugging her gently.

"Fine. Night Princess. Night everyone!" She says bounding up the stairs her mother and father close behind her.

"Do you have some place to stay?" Carlisle asks me.

"I am having a house built here. I can't believe I don't have one here already. We can go stay in a hotel though until its done." I say not wanting to cause any distress.

"No. You will be staying with us. You are family after all. Your last name is even Cullen." Esme says.

"Can you please explain to us how you are royal?" Alice -I think- says politely.

"I was my fathers crowning joy. I could do just about anything any of the guys could do. If not better." I say laughing a bit. "I was well loved in my kingdom. I knew Carlisle as a child. We grew up together. Its safe to say that he was my best friend. Nothing more though. We couldn't have been more. I was married at the age of fifteen to my childhood sweetheart Edmund. Edward actually reminds me a lot of him. He has his looks and his eyes. It hurts my heart sometimes to see him. By the time I was seventeen I had four children. Two twins and one boy and one girl. We were all so happy. Around the time I had my fourth child Carlisle went missing. No one had seen him. Just simply vanished." I say in a pained voice.

"You don't have to continue if you don't want to." Alice says hastily.

"No its fine. Really. That was just a tough time for me. Its still hard to talk about even if it was so long ago." I say quickly. "Where was I? Oh yes. Carlisle never came back. He just vanished. I cried for days. Edmund tried hard to comfort me. But to no avail. That was the time my sister became crazy. She wanted me dead." I said slowly. "She was always jealous of me. The way I got all the attention from my father and others as well. She was also in love with Edmund. But she knew he would never love her......" I say trailing off getting lost in my thoughts.

"Mother?" I hear Raye ask me pulling me from my thoughts.

"Oh yes...She was mad. Simply mad. One day while I was looking out of my balcony she came into my room locking the door behind her. She started rambling on about how she was gonna make me pay for taking away the life that was supposed to be hers and the man she loved. Before I could do anything she pushed me off my balcony. I was far up enough to be seriously hurt. I was barely aware of my surroundings. I could hear our doctors talking about how there was nothing to be done. That I should just let be. Until I died that is. My father pleaded with Merlin, for he knew what Merlin was and still is, to save me. He knew I couldn't stay once it happened but he wanted me to survive. That's when I felt the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. It felt like I was being burned from the inside out. Eventually when I woke up I realized that I was no longer in my room but in a forest just outside my kingdom. I never even got to say good bye to Edmund or my kids. That's the worst part. I eventually saw all of my family die visiting them before they died everyone but my father thought I was an angel welcoming them to the afterlife. He knew what I was yet he wasn't scared. I could never figure it out. He knew I was a monster but yet he embraced me before his last breath." I say pausing in my story. If I could cry I would be crying.

"You don't have to continue. How about some other time yes?" Raye asks me.

"Yes your right....I am gonna go hunting." I say abruptly getting up and walking out the door.

-no one's point of view-

If someone could see the girl now they would be able to tell she was in great pain. Thinking about that time in her life was never her fave thing to.

"Sorry about mother. That's a very touchy subject for her." Rayelle tells the group of people before her.

"One thing she never mentioned though was what happened to her sister? Did she not get in trouble or caught?!" Alice asks her.

"That's the thing no one knows honestly. According to what mother has told me she just simply vanished that night before anyone could find her. I think mother worries she is still out there waiting, biding her time till she strikes again. I wouldn't be surprised actually. From what little she has told me she wasn't a very pleasant person to be around. She was always rude and quiet. Its the quiet ones you have to look out for." Rayelle responds gazing in the distance.

The group fell silent. The ones who knew Ashlynn best was worried about her. For they all knew she craved the life she had even if that life was over long ago. And the ones who didn't know her that well still worried about her. For she was after all the last direct descendent of the royal family of Camelot.

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