21 Hours

The Zombie Apocalypse is here. But the only place that gets a warning about that is Malibu, California. Brianna, Bailee, and Louis are neighbors. They are also bestfriends. when they hear about the zombie apocalypse coming and they only have 21 hours until it begins, they quickly form a plan and take action. Brianna, Louis, and Niall get separated from The rest of 1D and Bailee, what will happen. Better question, will they survive?



2. Plan!

Brianna's POV


My parents just told me they heard on the news that the Zombie Apocalypse is coming in 21 hours! I have to go get Rylie and Bailee and Molly! I grabbed my phone and started a 4 way call.





*Ring* *Ring*


Rylie: Bre!! The Zomb-

Me: Yes Ry I'm aware, that's why im calling. Bailee and Molly haven't answered the phone yet


Bailee: *Crying*

Rylie: Whats wrong?

Bailee: I-I'm r-rea-really sc-sc-scared

Me: Its ok Bails! Everything will be alright!

Rylie: Yeah! We just have to make a plan. That's all.

Me: Guess what? I already have an idea!

Bailee: TELL!!

Me: We have to wait for Molly to answer first!


Molly: Hello? Bre? Im freaking out!

Me: Hey Molly I have Rylie and Bailee On the line here, I have a plan


Ok ok. So, we come to my house because its medium in size so we will have room for all our families plus we wont have to protect such a large space. You guys your families and pets, anything you want to be protected, food and water. We have to contact Black Veil Brides and Motionless In White too. Weapons is the other big thing to bring. Okay, got it guys?

Rylie: You know there's going ot be a lot of chains and things so there are some weapons?

Me: That's very true but real weapons are good too, Do you guys get it?

Bailee: Yup Yup

Me: Ok so get packing and tell everyone the plan. I'll see you guys in 2 hours flat got it?

Bailee: Yes

Rylie: Yes Felicia

Me: Whatever Ry. Alright guys love ya!!

Bailee and Rylie: Love ya too




"Mom! Dad!" I yelled

"Yes dear?" They said

" Bailee, Rylie, Molly and the gang are going to come over here with their families and pets. They are bringing supplies and we are going to zombie proof this house." I finished

"Ok Hun, I trust you" My parents said to me

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