My Diary

This Is My Diary.
No Co-Authors.
Just Me.
I Can Spill Everything Here.
Some Stuff Wont Be Revealed.
But So I Can Spill What I Wanted To Say It Will Be Covered By Blanks.
Like This ___________ ~ Andrea
[ Remember This Is A ROLE-PLAY Account. Not Actually A Real Diary Of Her's]


2. Entry #2

Someone Asked Me Out...

His Name Will Remain A Mystery.

I Turned Him Down.

He Was A Total Sweetie But-


Just No.

So Single! :) 

[On Here Andrea Is. -Anonymous ]

Hear That Boys 


Anyway I Wanna Talk To Some People Or Something Cuz I'm Like Totally Bored.

Entry Created @: 9:56 pm July , 13, 2013 ~Andrea


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