My Bullysitters

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All I wanted was to be happy, but I guess that was too much to ask for...


37. May I Have This Dance?

Katie's P.O.V


I felt refreshed as I stepped out of the shower, steam still lingering around the room. I quickly slipped on my robe before exiting my bathroom. There was a knock on my door before Niall appeared in my room.

"Hey Niall." I greeted while placing my dress on the bed.

"How's it going?" He asked, watching me as I began picking out my preferred makeup for the evening.

"Good. Just nervous about dancing with my two left feet." I awkwardly laughed.

It was true I wasn't much of a dancer, afraid Harry might be amused with this once he finds out tonight.

"You'll be fine."

"Says the guy that can dance."

"Let me show you, it's easy." Niall said, pulling me to the middle of the room. He then began leading me around the room, teaching me different steps to a few common dances. "Ouch!"

"Sorry!" I exclaimed, taking my foot off of his.

"It's alright." He chuckled. "As long as that doesn't happen again, I'm pretty sure you've got the hang of it."

"Thanks Niall." I said, wrapping my arms around him before he left me to get ready.

I began with makeup, applying a bit more eyeliner and mascara than usual. I then gave myself a smokey eye before finishing my look with a light pink lip gloss. After I felt pleased with my makeup I began to straighten the top of my hair before styling the curls on the bottom.

I walked over to my dress and lifted it up. I smiled as I thought back on the weekend Harry and I went shopping for it. I zipped it up before putting on my jewelry. I figured something gold with red stones went well with the dress, not really having anything else that would quite match.

I couldn't help but feel something was missing as I stood in front of my mirror. I examined myself from head to toe-

"Shoes!" I blurt out, realizing I never selected a proper pair of footwear. I rushed over to my closet, already knowing I didn't have anything fancy. I eventually decided on my red converse and called it good. They were more comfortable anyway.


I turned around to see Niall once again in my door frame.

"Do you think Harry will like it?" I asked, walking up to my brother.

"Yeah, I think he will." He smiled softly. "Listen, I'm really sorry I turned down the school's offer for me to play at your dance. It's just the gig I have tonight will have other agents and-"

"It's fine, Niall. I'm perfectly happy you're out doing your thing." I grinned.

"Thanks. Anyway, I wanted you to have something for tonight." He said, pulling a gold necklace out of his pocket. A red heart rested on the chain. "It was mum's." He added.

I looked at him as he dropped the accessory into my palm, allowing me to examine it myself.

"Would you?" I asked, handing him back the necklace before pulling my hair out of the way. The cool chain came in contact with my skin, causing me to feel more connected to my mother than ever. "Thanks." I whispered, spinning around to hug him once more. The door bell then sounded, causing us to move apart. "Are you sure you're ok with me staying at Harry's tonight?"

"Of course. You better get going, don't want to keep him waiting now, do ya?" He chuckled, sending me on my way to the door. I opened it to reveal a handsome boy with beautiful brown curls.

"Hey." He spoke.

"Hi." I said a bit shyly.

"You better take good care of her." Niall said, appearing beside me.

"Promise." Harry swore.

Niall nodded at him before giving me a final kiss goodnight.

"I'll see you later, princess." He said before walking back up the stairs.

"This is for you by the way." Harry stated, handing me a single white rose.

"It's beautiful, Harry. Thank you."

"Shall we?" He asked, giving me his arm. I latched mine around his as he began walking me towards his vehicle. "You look great tonight." He spoke, opening the door for me.

"I could say the same to you." I replied once he entered the vehicle. The drive to the school gym was a bit silent, our eyes glancing to each other from time to time before grinning.

We walked hand in hand across the parking lot, spotting a few other couples making their way inside.

"You really do look beautiful tonight." Harry spoke, complimenting me again.

"Thanks." I replied shyly.

He grinned before opening the gym door for me. The space was dimly lit, balloons and streamers were everywhere, and there were refreshments at the back.

"Come on." Harry said, leading me to the dance floor. I nervously followed, silently praying I wouldn't step on his foot like I had Niall's earlier. We began to slowly spin while the soft music played, my feet somehow managing to stay in rhythm. "You're so tense, loosen up." Harry said, giving me a questioning look.

"Sorry." I quietly spoke, trying my hardest to relax.

"Are you nervous?" Harry interrogated, now smirking down at me.

"No!" I hastily defended, making it obvious that I was.

Harry chuckled at my response before moving me a bit closer to him, his hands sliding a little lower on my waist in the process.

"Just relax." He whispered, guiding me along with the music.

I eventually calmed down, allowing myself to enjoy the evening instead of stressing about making it perfect.

"Mind if I cut in?" Someone asked, tapping on Harry's shoulder. He turned around before grinning at his friend Louis.

"Not at all mate." He said, before strolling off.

I immediately tensed up again, still not as comfortable around Louis and Zayn like I was with Harry.

"You're pretty good at this." Louis commented as we glided across the floor.

"I guess." I slightly mumbled.

"No, really." He said, flashing me a smile.

I smiled back, feeling somewhat overjoyed at the fact we were getting along.

"I'm going to get some punch, you want any?" Louis asked, releasing me from his hold and pointing to the table which held refreshments.

I shook my head before he wandered off, leaving me standing awkwardly alone on the dance floor. I began making my way towards the back, feeling I'd be out of the way there. I quickly got distracted while watching all the numerous people dance, not even realizing someone had come to stand beside me.

"Are you deaf or something?" Somebody chuckled, causing me to look towards my left.


"I've said 'hey' about three times now." Zayn laughed.

"Oh, sorry. I was just, uh-"

"Zoned out." He smirked.

"Yeah." I laughed, not really knowing another way to put it.

Zayn then kept me company as I continued to watch the dancing people. I spotted Louis, now dancing with a girl named Sarah, both of them smiling with each other.

"Well, I'm going to go see if Valerie will dance with me." Zayn said, walking over to a dark haired girl who was standing alone. I watched as the girl instantly smiled, allowing Zayn to take her hand and lead her out amongst the crowd.

I jumped at the sound of someone clearing their throat behind me. I spun around to see Harry, his green eyes staring into my blue ones.

"May I have this dance?" He asked, extending his hand for me. I placed my hand in his as guided me back once more to the dance floor. "What do you want to do when the dance is over?" He asked as we twirled around. I merely shrugged my shoulders, not really having anything thought out. "Sounds fun." He teased.

"Well what do you want to do?" I asked, betting he didn't have a better answer either.

"I dunno, that's why I asked you." He laughed.

"Alright, fair enough." I giggled. "I'm not sure about you, but I really don't care to dance the rest of this night away. If we leave now, I'll let you buy me a hot chocolate." I grinned.

"Deal." He said, gripping onto my hand and leading me through the crowded gym. The cold air hit me hard as we exited the building, quickly walking towards Harry's vehicle. My teeth were already chattering by the time I got in the car, Harry swiftly turning on the heater.

"M-maybe we can just make some hot chocolate at your house." I managed to say.

Harry just chuckled before nodding his head and driving off. I almost didn't want to exit the warmth of the vehicle as we pulled into Harry's driveway, the thought of getting out into the cold not seeming like a fun idea. I quickly opened the door as Harry and I rushed inside his house, giggling at each others chattering jaw.

I walked into Harry's kitchen before turning around to face him. "Do us both a favor and start making that hot cocoa."


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