Blood Lust - Sequel

* You should read the first book to understand this one =) * So there are the same characters as before, but they all have girlfriends now. ( Don't worry, I'll post everyone in the first chapter ). Harry and Casey are is in love as ever before, but what happens when an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture ? Will it tear Harry and Casey apart, or make their love stronger ? It's your choice.


5. Through the looking glass part 1

Emily's P.O.V.

         This can NOT be happening ! I can't believe she's here ! The devil of the vampires in my eyes. She goes by the name of Haley. She's Harry's ex and he broke her heart cause she went psycho after she saw Harry with a girl who was a fan of the boys.

           He's over her, I don't think he even really loved her. Now she's back for some reason... I need to find out why. She can't just walk back into Harry's life and expect that he'll take her back.

          I know he won't. He's too much in love with Casey to see anybody else. They love each other for real. They'll be together forever and if one or the other breaks each others' hearts I'll beat them and teach them a lesson and make them get back together.

       I led Casey through the corridors behind the walls of the cellar. She looked so scared and confused I felt so bad but I didn't have any time to explain things right now. " Ems where are we going ? " She asked. I looked back at her and said " We're almost there. " She sighed and nodded an okay.

      Poor girl. I wish I could explain but there's no time. I thought this day would never come but sadly it has. She stopped dead in her tracks and whipped around. I grabbed her arm but all she did was growl. " Stop it. " I ordered. She stopped and looked at me. " I'm letting Lizzie take over now. SHE CAN'T HAVE HIM. " She yelled.

     I shook my head in disbelief. " How dare you let her take over. You are stronger than that, I know it. Why ? " I asked. She looked apologetic but hard look. " Lizzie told me about her. What she's gonna do to us. She knows what to do. So I'm gonna ask for her help until the jobs done. " She whispered.

      What she did next I would have never expected. " Sorry Ems, just following orders. " She whispered.  She hit me on the head and injected me with poison. Then it went black.

Casey's P.O.V.

          I dragged Ems' body to a room somewhere in the cellar. " Help me. Lizzie. " I whispered under my breath. I explored the cellar tunnels in hopes to find anything to help me kill her. My phone vibrated in my pocket so I pulled it out and looked at the caller I.D. it was Harry.

       " Hello ? " I said. " Casey listen to me, I need you to stay where you are and don't do anything until I get there, do you understand ? " He said quickly. I stayed silent. " No. I won't let her take you from me. " I whispered. " Casey please just listen to me. I will never leave you. No one can change that. Ever. " He said. I got tears in my eyes and tried to control my sobs.

     " I have to do this. I have to kill her. " I said. " Casey wait ! " Harry yelled. But I had already ended the call. Someone bursted through the door. " Casey. I came here to kill you because you took my Harry. " She smiled at me. " Name's Haley. " She smiled again. " Now.  " I whispered. I went into hysteria and Lizzie took over. The look on Haley's face was priceless.

       I clawed and clawed until someone pulled me off. " Sweet heart you need to stop. " Zayn whispered. I screamed and clawed at him to. I saw them but my brain wasn't registering that they were safe. I was the danger, not them. " Harry. " I whispered and reached my hand out until I felt him grab it.

       He took me away and brought me into a room filled with glass. He picked up something and turned to me. " Look through it. " He whispered. I looked at him hesitantly. He stroked my face, " It's okay. Go on. " He said. I took it out of his hand and looked through it.

       I saw me and Harry laying in a field ( like the cover ) and we were laughing. We looked the same obviously but we were with a girl. She had emerald green eyes and long brown/ blonde curly hair. ( Pic will be at the end )

- Vision -

" I'm so glad it went the way it was planned. " Harry said. I looked at him and smiled. " Me too. " I looked at the girl. " Come here Lexi ! " I shouted happily. But then the glass turned the vision off.

       I felt my face fall with sadness as I wanted to see what would happen next.

" What was that ? " I asked. Harry looked at me and smiled. " That's the looking glass. "

This is Lexi =)    



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