Blood Lust - Sequel

* You should read the first book to understand this one =) * So there are the same characters as before, but they all have girlfriends now. ( Don't worry, I'll post everyone in the first chapter ). Harry and Casey are is in love as ever before, but what happens when an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture ? Will it tear Harry and Casey apart, or make their love stronger ? It's your choice.


2. Congratulations

A/N: Okay guys, this is what I have so far for everyone who's gonna be with all the boys;

Harry's sister- Mrs.Ally_Styles

Liam's gf- ~Directioner~Loves_Liam

Zayn's gf- Sydney_Malik

Niall's gf- Liams_babe

Niall's sister- Oh My Carrots

Zayn's sister- Louis I found Kevin

Josh's gf- Louis I found Kevin

Ed's gf- Niallersprincess0801

Louis' gf- Nialler_loveu<3

Harry's ex- Hi1DLovers ( Werewolf )

Harry's P.O.V.

          OH MY GOD !!! My baby said YES !!!! I picked her up and spun her around until we fell on the ground laughing. " Oh, Harry ! The ring is gorgeous, but you didn't have to spend all that money on me. " She whispered still crying tears of joy. I put a finger to her lips. " Shhh. Yes I did, my baby deserves the best because I love you so much. " I whispered back. I took her left hand, and gently slid the ring down her ring finger. Oh my god, I love her SO freakin' much !! " So, does anyone else know ? " Casey asks. I look at her, smirk, and shake my head no. Then I giggle.

          " Now, we're gonna do this early so it'll less painful for you, OR we could wait until after our..... honeymoon..... To get it over with. " I look at her and see her almost blushing. I smile. Mission accomplished. Even though we can't really blush, it still makes me happy to know I can make her feel like that. We drove back to the house with grins on our faces. " Remember to not to say anything ! " I whisper. She shook her head yes and smirked. I'm actually nervous to tell the boys.

Casey's P.O.V.

           I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M ENGAGED !! Oh Harry I can't believe he did that ! I wander if he can hear my thoughts screaming about him. I glance over at him nervously. I see him smirk. " Yes I can hear your thoughts screaming about me. " I thought I felt myself blush. " Harry, when are we gonna have the we- " I get cut off by blacking out.

I look around the darkness and gasp. Oh no, not back here !

" She's coming. " They whispered.

" Lizzie ? " I call out.

" I'm here. I'm always here. Waiting in the shadows. You better watch out. She's coming. " Lizzie says.

" Who's coming ? " I ask. Lizzie just shook her head no with a sad look.

" Don't let her fool you. Or else you're gonna get hurt. " She says. I look at her confused. " I can't tell you that. So, you can handle it yourself. " She whispers.

" What ? " I ask. She put a hand up to silence me.

" If it was me controlling your body, I'd kill her before it happens. She's in love with him to. " She whispered before sending me back to reality.

         " Wake up. " Harry said. I felt him stroking my forehead. I opened my eyes and gasped for air. I sat up straight and Harry rubbed my back. " It, it felt like I was d-drowning. " My voice breaks. Harry pulls me close and strokes the back of my head and down my neck. I get goosebumps and Harry chuckles. He kisses down my neck which gives me more shivers. By now we're in Harry's room laying on his bed. I try to push him off but he just pins my hands down and nudges my head to the side and continues to kiss up and down my neck repeatedly making me moan just slightly.

       " Harry. " My voice shakes. " You have to get off now. " He didn't stop so I said, " I'll call the boys and tell them ! " I threatened. He stopped, sighed and stayed still for a second before rolling off and pulling me on top of him. " Do you not understand that I wanna make you feel good ? I love you. " He whispered. I smiled a small smile and lifted my head from his chest. I thought for a moment. " I wanna make you feel better. " I smirked and kissed his cheek. Then I ran downstairs at vampire speed and hid behind Ed.

       " Hey there sweet cheeks. What's wrong ? " He asked. I smiled. " Please hide me from Harry. " I whispered. He nodded his head and slid me under the table. Lol how original. " Casey ! " Harry called. " Hey Ed. Have you seen Casey ? " Harry asked. I peeked up at Ed and saw him look down at me then back at Harry. " Nope. " He answered. Harry cocked his head to the side and walked over slowly. He bent down and sniffed. I cleared my mind and shut my eyes. He straightened himself up and walked away. I waited a couple seconds before climbing out.

       " Thanks. " I whispered. " Anytime. " He said. Just then Harry bursts through the door and smirks. " Gotcha. " He whispered. Then he grabbed me and ran me outside into the woods. " That was good. " He whispered. He pulled me close. " Congratulations, Casey. You stole my heart. " He kissed me and we stayed like that in the tree for a while.

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