Blood Lust - Sequel

* You should read the first book to understand this one =) * So there are the same characters as before, but they all have girlfriends now. ( Don't worry, I'll post everyone in the first chapter ). Harry and Casey are is in love as ever before, but what happens when an ex-girlfriend comes back into the picture ? Will it tear Harry and Casey apart, or make their love stronger ? It's your choice.


4. Bachelor Party

( This pic is the boys at Harry's bachelor party )

Harry's P.O.V.

          I'm getting ready for my bachelor party tonight while Casey and the girls are gonna get ready for the wedding in three weeks. I can't believe it's so close ! I'm having my party a little early so I can make preparations for our honeymoon. So, all the girlfriends are coming over, and Casey hasn't blacked out since that night I got into her head and Lizzie screamed something was gonna take me away from her. The girls won't be here till tomorrow so we extended the party for about 3 days.

         " Harry ! " Someone shouted. I turned around and saw Casey charging at me. She giggled and jumped onto my front side. I chuckled and wrapped my arms around her. " I'm gonna miss you. " She whispered. I frowned a little and put her down. " It's only for 3 days. It'll be over before you know it and then we'll be married ! " I cheered and kissed her. She giggled and said, " But Harry, it's 3 weeks until the wedding. Not 3 days ! "

        I just shook my head and smiled. " Oh yeah, 3 weeks I forgot. It's 3 days until the girls get here. " I chuckled. I'm so excited for this, I can't believe it's happening !! Then Louis walked out smirking at us but then he frowned. " Sorry, mate. It's time to go. Your bags are already in the car. " I looked at Casey and her face fell. Tears were starting to spill over the edges. I frowned in response to her sadness and wiped away her tears with my thumbs.

      She sobbed quietly and gripped my shoulders. " Hey. Shhhh don't cry. I'll be back before you know it. Remember all the little things I told you ? Think of them when you miss me, and I'm sure it'll make you smile. I have to go now, I love you. " I told her and walked quickly to the car so I don't run back and fall into her arms. 'Cause I would stay there forever, but if I go now, if I leave, then the sooner I can get back and the sooner we'll be married, and then the sooner I can stay in her arms for days if I wanted to.  I smiled at that thought and looked at her out the back window.

       She stood at the doorway looking sad, but once her eyes met mine she had a small smile on her lips. I waved and blew her a kiss. I can tell she giggled and she ' threw me her heart '. I chuckled and grinned at her. Then as we drove more down the street, I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore.

Casey's P.O.V.

        I watched him as the car drove away. I was waiting for the other girls to get here, since it was just Emily and I, we decided to watch some old scary vampire movies and make fun of them, lol. " Hey Casey, so, have you and Harry.... You know..... Done it yet ? " Emily asks. I look at her wide-eyed. I gasped and shook my head no, almost feeling the blood rushing to my face. " Of course not Ems ! We both wanted to wait until we were married ! " I scold her for even thinking that. " That is not how I was raised ! " I tell her. But then we both giggle. She playfully punches me in the arm. " I know, I know. I just wanted to see if your answer would ever change. " She laughs. There was a knock on the door. I look at Ems confused.

      " Did you invite anyone over ? " I ask her. She shakes her head no and looks at me with the same confused look. She goes to the door, and looks through the peephole. She runs back at vampire speed, grabbing my arm and dragging me somewhere through the house. " Who's at the door ? " I whisper. She puts a hand over my mouth and put a finger to her lips signalling for us to be silent. She gets on her cell phone, quick. " Harry ? We have a problem. " Ems whispers. My face goes blank and sit on the floor. The situation is apparently so bad that Ems has to call Harry, I'm immediately scared.

     " Ems, what's going on ? " I whimper. She looks at me apologetically. " Come with me, we have to go to a secret place in the house for awhile okay ? " She asks taking my hand, not even waiting for an answer. She leads me to the basement, but in between the bookshelves, she pushed one aside, and pushed open the wall. Woah. " That's so koolz. " I whisper.




Author's Note:

                Hey guys !! I'm so sorry I haven't updated in forever, school starts soon so I've been doin' homework and stuff. I just got back from D.C. a couple hours ago, I have band from 8am-5pm all week, last week I just got back from band camp, and I still have to finish homework, and school starts in 10 days !! So I don't know when the next time I'll be able to update is. Thank you so much for being patient with me. You're all amaZAYN and I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

                                                       ~ Casey .xx


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