Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


17. We Have Our Very Own Concert

"Get the phone please Shyann." I say and she goes and answers it and I finish curling my hair. I go downstairs and I walk into the kitchen where Shyann is on the phone and I sit on the counter and I wait to see who it is. She finally hangs up and she smiles at me.

"For one, you get your own concert, two I am your new manager, and three you need three new songs." She says and I smile and smile and then I frown.

"By when?" I ask and she smiles nervously.

"Tomorrow night." She says and I sigh.

"Ugh!" I shout and I call Alexis and Garriyn and I tell them to come over. I sit and I try to think of some titles and then I think of nothing. I sigh and the doorbell rings and I run to the door and I open it and it's the girls and I invite them in.

"What do you need?" They ask and we go and sit in the living room.

"Songs." I say and they look at me weird and I sigh. "We have our own concert tomorrow night and we need three new songs of our own." I say and they nod. So we all start thinking and we start humming things at the same time and we start laughing. We finally make up one song and it's called Party It Up and it's an upbeat song that is fun to dance to. We laugh and we sing it over and over again and then we call the lads to come over and when they do we sing the song to them.

"Party it up, party it up like there is no tomorrow! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" They sing and we laugh.

"It's very catchy." Liam says and Shyann smiles at him.

"We need two more." I say and I start thinking. "Should we have a slow song?" I ask but everyone shakes their heads. I start humming a fast song and I try to put words with it but I can't think of any. "Too much fun?" I think out loud and I start singing. Everyone bobs their heads along and the girls join in with me and I admit it sound pretty good.

"I like that song." Niall says and I smile at him and Alexis scoots next to him and gives me the death stare and I roll my eyes.

"Woman! It was just a smile!" I say and she laughs but scoots closer. I shake my head and I think of a next one and I start thinking about my parents and I look at everybody. "I know you said no slow songs but I have one." I say and I start singing the song I call, Don't Forget. Everyone just stares as I sing it and I get tears in my eyes because I think of my parents and I open my eyes and I just wait to see what people say.

"That was beautiful." Shyann says and I smile and she knows exactly what I was thinking about.

"Thanks, the words just seem to fit." I say and she smiles and I smile. "Looks like we have the songs, now rehearsal time!" I say and I look at the clock and I see it took us five hours to do that. We all go downstairs to our basement and I am wearing socks and I forget it's wood and I slide across the floor. I fall and everyone asks me if i'm ok and I start laughing and I get up and I walk over to the mics and we all take our places and we start singing and Niall keeps copying us so we have to keep stopping and get Alexis to make him stop and then we would start to sing again. When we finally actually get them known it is 6 in the morning. I lay down on the ground and I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

A Couple Hours Later

I wake up and I am in my room and I sit up and I yawn I look at my clock and it's 12 in the afternoon. I get up and I yawn and I go and get a can of pop. I go to the living room and everyone is in there asleep on the floor.

"What!?" I yell and a few people jump and wake up and some just stay asleep. I sit down on the couch and I smile at the ones who wake up.

"I am going to throw a unicorn at your face." Alexis says and I laugh and stick my tongue out at her.

"Who took me to my room earlier?" I ask and she wipes her eyes.

"Louis, he slept up there too." She says and I look around and I notice he isn't down here so I go back upstairs and into my room but he isn't on my bed and then I look on the other side and he is snoring softly on the floor. I smile and I sit on the bed and I set down my pop and I poke his head. He wakes up and smiles sleepily and I lean down and I kiss him.

"Thank you for taking me to my room." I say and he nods and turns and I go back downstairs.

"Ugh!" Alexis says and I laugh at her.

"You got to sleep down here without me and I love this!" I say, pouting and then I sit down and I watch TV.

A Couple Hours Later

I finish re-curling my hair and I look in the mirror and smile. I put on my ripped black jeans and my red sneakers and my shirt that has a huge smiley face on the front and below the smiley face it says 'Deal With It.' I smile at my outfit and I don't bother with make up because I don't like it and I go downstairs and Alexis and Garriyn look colorful and I laugh.

"You guys look like a unicorn threw up on you." I say and they glare at me and I laugh harder and then Niall starts laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Alexis asks him but he is laughing too hard to answer.

"He laughs for no reason, and it's usually because I make faces." Louis says and Niall looks at Louis and he is making a thinking face that looks funny and Niall starts laughing.

"You are going to kill him!" I say and I pat his back. He finally is able to breathe again and he smiles at us.

"Are you ok?" Alexis asks and he nods.

"Ok now that we are done, lets go." I say and Niall giggles and I roll my eyes and smile and I get in a bus that Shyann got for us. "OMG IT'S HUGE! Harry if you say anything I will bite you." I say and I look at him and he winks. I sit in the back and Louis sits with me and then we all spread out and we got our own bus driver and his name is Gus!!

"Nandos!!!!" Niall yells and I laugh.

"Gus stop here!" I say and we all get out and we get some Nandos. We get back in the bus and then we start driving again. "The wheels on the bus go round and round!!" I yell and everyone looks at me and I smile really big.

"We are here!" Gus yells and I cheer. We get out and we go inside and I get really nervous and I bite my lip.

"You will be fine." Louis says to me and I nod and I hug him. We go onstage and we wave.

"We're Crazy Mofos!" We shout and then look at each other and giggle. We launch into Too Much Fun and we are running around and bouncing and soon people learn the song and they sing along. We tell them the title of that song and then we start singing Party It Up. We smile as the crowd does a weird dance and we sing loud. We finish with Don't Forget and it gets really quiet and I get a little nervous and I pull out my acoustic guitar and I start playing and then we all start singing and I close my eyes and sway along. After I am finished I have tears in my eyes and I look out the crowd and I spot a few girls who are crying and I smile.

"Thank you for coming out tonight!" I say and everyone starts cheering.

"It means a lot!" Garriyn says and I smile at her.

"We love you!" Alexis yells and then I smile at her.

"We're Crazy Mofos!" We say and then we wave and walk off stage.

"Good job!" The lads and Shyann say and I smile and we do a group hug. Best feeling in my life.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! -Doug the Girl/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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