Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


6. Time For Business

"Ok, we still need to think of ideas to name our band." I say and Alexis and Garriyn nod and we start to think.

"Hey, at the concert what did Niall call us?" Garriyn asks and I start to think back.

"He called us Crazy Mofos." Alexis says and me and Garriyn snap.

"That's it!" We say and we start laughing.

"So our band is going to be called the Crazy Mofos?" Alexis asks and we look at her. "I LOVE IT!" She says and we all start chanting Crazy Mofos and Shyann opens my door.

"What are you doing?" She asks and I look at her with a crazy look.

"Rising to the top!" I say and she looks at me weird and closes the door and I start laughing.

"Cookies!" Alexis yells and runs downstairs.

"I swear she has the nose of a bloodhound." I say and me and Garriyn laugh and we follow her downstairs. Just as we get downstairs, there is a knock on the door and Garriyn goes to the kitchen and I open the door.

"We're One Direction!" The lads say and I smile.

"Ello boys." I say and I invite them in.

"Cute as buttons every single one of you!" Harry says and I push him and Garriyn pops up.

"I heard my name." She says and the lads look at her weird.

"What?" Harry asks and she smiles and bats her eyelashes.

"Ok nerdy friend of mine to the kitchen, AWAY!" I say and I start walking in slow motion to the kitchen and so do the guys.

"Christy, I didn't know you were having fri- One Direction over." Shyann says, turning around.

"THEY DIDN'T TELL ME!!!" I say, pointing my finger at them and they smile at her.

"Ok." She says and Liam walks up to her.

"Can I help you with anything?" He asks and she nods.

"Here." She says, handing him a spoon.

"SPOON!!" Liam yell and the lads run over and they throw it at the wall.

"Ok then." Shyann says and I start laughing.

"Sit my children!" I say and they sit at the table and on it.

"Oh we wanted to tell you, there was this big producer guy at our concert and he saw you guys singing and thought you were great." Zayn says and I start bouncing.

"YAY!!! But we were planning to go on the X Factor." I say.

"Well you can do that and then just look for this guy after that." Harry says, handing me a card.

"Robert Dylan." I read. "Oh cool." I say and I stick the card in my back pocket.

"Cookies!" Shyann yells and I jump up and grab one.

"Are you people freaking magic?!?!?" Louis asks and I look at him and laugh.

"No you are just on something." I say and he smiles and I throw him a cookie and then the rest of the lads one.

"Do you guys want to hear us play?" I ask and they shrug.

"Do you want to rub it in our faces?" Liam asks and I smile.

"Just a little." Us girls say and we go downstairs and they follow with Shyann. They all sit down in front of us, like our own little audience.

"What do you want us to play?" I ask, picking up my guitar.

"Little Things!" The lads say and we grin at them and we look at each other and then start singing.

"What did you think?" Garriyn asks, after we are done singing.

"I think you sang it better than we did." Harry says and we start laughing. I sit on the wood floor and I actually slide across the floor. I look up at everyone and I start scooting around on my bum. Everyone gets on the floor and they scoot on the floor.

"We probably look really weird." I say and everyone laughs and shrugs. We keep sliding on the floor for a while until the lads had to leave and then the girls left and that left me and my sister.

"I like Liam!" Shyann says as soon as everyone leaves.

"Awe, you two would be so cute together!" I say and she blushes.

"Yay!" She says and laughs and I yawn.

"I am going to bed." I say and I hug her and I go up to my room and I lay down. I still can't believe One Direction loves how we sing! I close my eyes, smiling and I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello lads and loves! How was this chapter? I hope you liked it! Remember you all are beautiful! Idk why I said that but bye! -Doug

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