Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


14. The Concert

I stare at the ground because I don't want to look at the casket that holds the little girl who was so sweet and adorable. Someone grabs my hand and I look up at Allie and she smiles slightly at me and I bite my lip and I look back at the ground.

"Would anyone like to say a few words about Katie?" The pastor says. I raise my hand and I look up and then I go up.

"I didn't know Katie very well but the time that I spent with her was awesome. She was a loving, adorable, energetic girl. I got to hang out with her and it was great. I loved her like a little sister, but our time together was too short." I say and I start crying and I get off the stage and I go and sit back down in between Louis and Allie. Katie's parents go up and talk about her and then we take a moment a silence and then we put the casket in the ground which I cried my eyes out for. I held onto Allie and I felt like I was holding onto my mother. After the funeral, our group go back to my house and we sit around, mourning. "Maybe to start out our band, we can all do a concert." I say and everyone considers it and nods.

"Sounds good to me." Garriyn says and I smile but then it fades. We perform some songs of One Direction and then I called up Allie and I asked who else Katie liked to listen to and then we perform those songs and then I look at everyone.

"Pretty good." I say and everyone nods. I lay down in my bed and I curl into a ball and I just stare at the wall and someone opens the door but I don't move.

"Hey love, I brought some tea." Louis says and I just look at him. He squats in front of me and rests his hand on my cheek. "This would have meant so much to her." He says and I bite my lip and I close my eyes and he leans over and kisses my cheek. "You have to be strong for her." He says.

"You're right." I say, sitting up and I take the tea and I take a sip. "Thank you." I say and he lays down next to me.

"You're welcome love." He says and I stroke his hair. "You're my hero, for doing this." He says and I look down at him.

"Really?" I ask and he nods and I smile slightly.

"Don't be sad love, she is in a better place." He says and I lean down and I kiss his cheek.

Later That Day

"Is everyone ready?" Garriyn asks, putting on the rest of her make up.

"Yes." We all reply and I slide on my jacket and then I go out to the car where Louis is already and I sit with him. Shyann walks out and up to me.

"Are you ok?" She asks and I nod and she smiles and hugs me and then gets in the passenger seat and Liam gets in the drivers side. Everyone else gets in and I lay my head on Louis. We drive to the place we are performing and I am pretty surprised it sold out in about 3 hours.

"Wow." I say, leaning over Louis and looking out the window. We pull into the parking lot and we park and get out and we instantly get mobbed. Someone grabs my hand and it's Louis and then I grab someone else's and it's Shyann, so we kind of have a line, so we don't lose each other. We make it inside and I get backstage and I peek out and I almost faint, there are a lot of people out there.

"Whenever you guys are ready." The mic guy, Dave says and I nod and we all huddle and we group hug and then I hug Shyann and we go onstage.

"Hello everyone!" I yell and some people boo. "The reason I am doing this concert, is because a little girl who battled cancer, she was like a little sister to me, well she passed away and we want to do this in her honor. So this is for you Katie Elizabeth Daniels!" I say and we start singing. I get tears in my eyes, halfway through the third song. Only two more to go. We finish up with her favorite One Direction song, Save You Tonight. After we finish, everyone starts cheering and I start crying but I smile and wave. "We are Crazy Mofos and you obviously know One Direction! We love you! We are so happy to have this privilege to perform for you." I say, walking off the stage and then I smile at Shyann.

"Good job all of you!" Shyann and Liam say at the same time and I just look at them and then we go home. I hope Katie was listening.

Authors Note

Hey my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter. -Doug the Girl/∞StyPayHorLikSon∞

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