Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


10. Semi Finals

I am sitting in my room remixing the songs and they sound pretty good and I hear a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I say and I turn around and Shyann comes in and she sits on my bed. "Hey how does this sound." I ask and I play her my remix and her head bobs along with the beat.

"Nice job." She says and I smile and then I look at her.

"What do you need?" I ask and she puts out her hand and I put out mine and she puts a charm bracelet around my wrist and it has our names on it and my parents names on it and I look at her.

"It's mom's lucky bracelet she used to wear." She says and I look at it and I touch the charms gently.

"Thank you." I say and I hug her.

"Mom and dad would be very proud of you because you know I am." She says and I smile and I nod and then the doorbell rings. She goes down and I follow her and she opens it and two figures run inside and then more and then Shyann shuts the door.

"It is cold!" Garriyn says and I get to the bottom step.

"Ello ladies and gentleman." I say and everyone looks at me and I smile.

"Ay!!" Everyone says and I laugh and I go to the living room.

"Ready to practice?" I ask, getting everything set up and making a CD for them to use since I remixed everything.

"Yes." Alexis and Garriyn say and I turn on the CD and I start singing and I show them what parts we change songs on.

"Awesome." The lads say and I look at them and I laugh.

"Thanks." I say and I take out the CD and I put it in a case and I look at everyone. "Ready?" I ask and everyone nods.

To the X Factor

We show up and we go inside and we get our numbers and we wait to go on. I go and I hand the music person my CD and he nods and I go back with the lads and the girls. I look at everyone and we do a huge group hug.

"You're on Crazy Mofos." The girl says and we follow her and we go onstage. We announce our name: Crazy Mofos and our song: Cup Song/Still Into You/Clarity and we start singing. We finish singing and we look at each other and then at the judges.

"That was interesting." Demi says and we smile at her. "I love you guys so yes." She says and we cheer in our head and then we wait for the other judges to say something too.

"We say yes." They say and we jump up and down and we run offstage and jump into the lads' arms and then I hug Shyann.

"WE ARE GOING TO THE FINALS!!!" I yell and then I hug Alexis and Garriyn. We are so close but yet so far away.

Authors Note

Hey Lovelies! how was this chapter? -Doug the Girl

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