Rising To the Top *Completed*

Hi!! I'm Christy Brookfield and I am a music freak. I am a singer at heart. I am just like all girls. I love to sing and I hope it gets me noticed someday. Well that someday may be sooner than I think. Read and find out what I mean.


3. Practice

We all go down to my basement and I stand at the microphone and Garriyn and Alexis are gawking at everything.

"Children get to the microphones." I say, putting my hair up in a messy bun. They get to the microphones on each side of me and I look at them both. "What song should we sing?" I ask, humming.

"Little Things!" They say at the same time and then they look at each other and start laughing and I start laughing too.

"Ok stop!" I say and they look at me and stop. I turn on background music and I begin singing Liam's part. We are in the middle of the song when Garriyn busts out laughing and I look at her and she laughs and falls backwards and I sigh and Alexis is laughing so hard that she is crying. I sit on the couch we have down there and I wait for them to start laughing. I yawn and I actually fall asleep while they are laughing. I wake up a little later and they are just staring at me and then we all start laughing. I turn off all the lights and I walk behind them and scream and they start screaming and running around and I fall on the ground laughing. "We are never going to get anything done." I say, standing up.

"Ok let's get serious." Alexis says, turning on the light.

"Just remember why we are doing this." I say, looking at them. "The lads." I say and they sigh, smiling. They go back to their places and we rehearse the song about five more times but we keep laughing.

"Ok I think practice is over." Garriyn says and I nod and we all plop down on the couch. We get up and go upstairs and we get some ice cream since we can't have cookies (Thanks Shyann XD jk) and we sit and watch funny movies until we fall asleep in the living room.

Next Day

I wake up and I look around and the girls were gone but I did hear music coming from downstairs. I go downstairs and they are rehearsing and they sound really good.

"Good job!" I yell over the music and they turn it off and look at me.

"Thanks but come on we all have to practice." Garriyn says and I nod and I grab a guitar and we start practicing the song Little Things.

About Two Hours Later

"Ok we sound pretty good." I say and they nod and we sit down and I slide across the wooden floor. "Sweats are fun to sit in." I say and they look at me weird and I just shrug.

"We need a name for our 'band'." Garriyn says and we sit in a circle and we start thinking.

"I have no idea." I say and Alexis nods.

"We will work on it later but is anyone else hungry?" Alex asks and we all stand up.

"Is that all you ever think about, food?" I ask, laughing and she just shrugs. We go upstairs and look in the refrigerator. "I have no food!!!" I yell and I grab my purse and I run outside and we all pile into my car and we drive to the store.

Skipping Car Ride

"This is such a magical place!" Alex says and me and Grant (Garriyn) look at her.

"Nerd." We say at the same time and she starts laughing. I start looking for snacks and Grant grabs the drinks and Alex just stands there, staring at something.

"Guys." She says and we walk over and we stare up too. There is a gigantic poster of One Direction. I gasp and then I actually start to blink again. I go up and pay for everything and I literally drag them out of the store.

"We have to get those tickets." Grant says and I nod and Alex sighs.

"I doubt we will." She says and we get to my house and we put everything out and we eat a little and then they leave so their parents start worrying about where they are. I turn on my radio and I start calling the number to try and win the tickets and BACKSTAGE PASSES. I think it is no use but for some reason I keep calling the number and soon I hear this.

"You are caller number 95. You have won 4 One Direction tickets and backstage tickets." The person says and I hang up and I literally start screaming.

"WHAT'S WRONG? WHAT HAPPENED?" Shyann yells, coming into the room.

"I JUST WON FOUR ONE DIRECTION TICKETS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES!!" I yell and I jump around and circles and she starts laughing. I run out the door and I go to retrieve my tickets and backstage passes.

Authors Note

Hey Loves and Lads how are you?! I think I did a good job but it's really your opinion so comment please!!! -Doug

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