The Day He Asked. (5SOS fan fic)

Macy always liked Ashton. Then they finally date. Her friend Bella is dating Michael. 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour with One Direction . Macy and Bella get to go with them. Macy builds a friendship with Niall, but will it become more? Will Macy and Bella's friendship break?


29. Chapter 23

 Macy pov: Its the day we are leaving to go on the tour. I said bye to my family as my mum looked like she was going to cry. We had to go on a plane ride to Sydney to London to meet the One Direction. I was sitting with Ashton. We got to where the One Direction were. The boys said hey to each other then Harry came up to me and said "Hey you must be Macy." "Hey you must be Harry." I said back. Then Niall came up and said "Hey I am Niall." "Hey I am Macy." I said back. Then Louis, Liam, and Zayn came to me and said hey. We all got to know each other and got into our tour buses and got taken to a hotel. We all ate together and we laughed so much. I am so glad that the tour was starting and for that the boys got to be on tour with One Direction. -------------------------------- 2 weeks later. Niall and I are best friends now. I was sitting on the couch texting Niall. Then Ashton comes up and say "What is going on with you and Niall?" "Nothing is going on we are just really good friends." I said back. He said back in a mean way while the bus stopped at a pit stop "Well I have to tell you something." "What?" I said scared of what he was going to say. "Bella and I dated before." I ran out the bus and went to Niall's bus. Louis and Zayn were out of the bus because we are at the pit stop. Ashton went out of the bus and Louis and Zayn saw me crying and went up to Ashton and asked what's wrong. I went to the bunk and knocked on the side of Niall's buck. He opened the curtain and he saw tears coming down my face. "Macy whats wrong?" He said sliding over for me to fit in the bunk. I got in the bunk and laid down. He played with my hair and I told him what wrong with tears in my eyes. He listened to me and said nice things back. I then said back "Can I go and sleep on the couch? I just don't want to see Bella." "No you sleep in the bunk I will sleep on the couch." He said back getting up. "Are you sure you have a concert?" I asked him. "Yea I will sleep, and if I don't I will at the hotel." He said back getting out. He got out and was shutting the curtain and said "Night." I said back "Night." I was falling asleep but still upset about what happen.

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