Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


7. Chapter 7:

       Grace's POV.

    I ran to the stairs and sat down just for a moment. I was thinking about kissing him! WHY? Ugh I just need time to think. I'll actually start to get ready in 5 minutes. I was running over what just happened between me and Louis in my head when I heard them talking

   "Sorry Louis. I didn't mean to-." Zayn started

  "Don't worry mate. It's alright. She would've stopped it before anything happend anyway. Maybe I should just get over her and this delusion that I can get her to be mine and all mine." Louis interupted. Wait... WHAT?! I don't think I was supposed to hear that. Um what do I do? I'm just gonna go get ready and get my mind off things. 

    I was in the shower and all I could think about was Louis. I am falling for him it's official as much as I hate to say it he won me over. His charm, his eyes, his accent, his voice when he sings, his personality, his kindness, his caringness, just everything, he's perfect. Now I don't know how to act around him. I know, I will subtly flirt. 

   I got out of my shower, quickly dried and curled my hair. I applied some eyeliner and mascara. I put on my pink floral shorts and a white tank top with lace on the back near the neck. I slipped on my sandals and took one last look in my full body mirror. I felt that it wasn't quite right when my thoughts were interupted.

   "You look beautiful. There's nothing wrong with how you look." Louis said from the doorway and I nearly jumped out of my skin. He walked in towards me and stood right next to me. He was so tall nearly 2.5 inches taller than me. 

   "I just feel like there would be something that would just tie the whole outfit together."

   "What about earrings?"

   "Oh yeah! Thanks Lou!"

   "No prob! Glad I can help." he said as I went to my desk and picked out a pair of silver studs and put them in. It looked a lot better. "We better be heading back now the guys are waiting." he said

    "Oh yeah I totally forgot again my bad."

    "It's fine let's go." We went down stairs and outside to my car.

    "Don't you think you should bring your car there too, I don't think all 6 of us would fit in mine." I said 

     "Oh that's a good point! You go with Zayn in your car and I'll drive mine." Louis said 

     "Or Zayn could get your car and you and I could ride together." I said. Louis looked shocked

     "I'm down with that." Zayn said grabbing the car keys from Louis who was just standing there staring at me.

    "Okay we'll see you there." Louis said slowly, clearing his throat, and looking confused. We got in the car and drove to Orange Leaf. It was awkwardly silent so I spoke up to break the tention. Although, what I said probably wasn't the best thing to say if you're easing tention.

   "Sorry I ran away yesterday."

   "It's fine, I crossed the line and the day was almost over anyway."

   "I feel really bad about it though."

   "Don't worry about it babe- I mean Grace sorry."

   "It's fine. So I never got to ask. What are you doing here in California?" I said making a grand gesture when I said 'California'

   "We are taking a little tour break and this was where we stopped." he said with a little giggle

   "Well I'm glad you did. I'm also glad you ran into me that night."

        Louis' POV.

   Did she really just say that? Was she falling for me? Am I just imagineing things? I looked over, sI he was staring at me waiting for a reply 

   "Um yeah me too!" She smiled and turned up the radio. I couldn't help but smile too. She was station surfing when we heard Live While We're Young on Radio Disney. She stopped and said

  "Can you sing this to me?" I looked over and saw her pleading eyes and started to sing the rest of the way there.

    We arrived at Orange Leaf an hour after we dropped the boys there. They weren't too happy but once they saw us they turned their frowns upside down. 

   "Grace this is Har-" I started to say

   "I'm Harry Styles, Nice to meet you." He interupted taking her hand and kissing it. She giggled and I rolled my eyes sending him a 'she's mine" glare

    "I'm Liam." Liam said shaking her hand

    "And I'm Niall." Niall said pulling her into a hug

   "GROUP HUG!!!" Zayn shouted and everyone clashed on. We ate our yogurt and headed for the mini golf place.

         Grace's POV.

    Once we arrived at the mini golf place we got our putters and score cards and headed to the first hole. It was my turn after Niall's and Niall's is after Harry's. Harry was up now and I was kinda nervous. You see I've never been golfing before and I'm scared I'll look like a fool in front of Louis. 

   I pulled Louis to the side and said "I don't know how to golf," he just looked confused so I went on "I've never been before so I never learned." 

   "Here lemme teach you." he looked at me waiting for my approval so I nodded. He wrapped his arms around me and it felt so nice. He ran through the steps and I quickly got the hang of it "You got it now?" he asked kind of in a whisper

   "Yeah." I said looking up at him our faces centimeters apart for the second time in one day and again it left me breathless. 

    "Ehm," Harry said from behind us "It's your turn Grace." 

    "Oh thanks."

    "No problem" 

     I walked up and put my ball on the tee. I was so nervous. Okay here it goes. 1, 2, 3!

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