Snow in September

Grace and Cassidy have been friends forever and only have one difference. One Direction. Cassidy loves them and Grace isn't a fan. But what will happen when Grace runs into the famous Louis Tomlinson? Read to find out!


17. Chapter 17:

        Louis' POV.

   The paramedics arrived to take Grace. They put her in the ambulence and I followed behind. I grabbed her hand, praying that she'll be okay.


  We arrived at the hospital and they rushed her into surgery. I tried to go with but a nurse stopped me at the door.  

  "Sir you need to wait in the waiting room."

  "Will she be okay?"

  "Most likely." she walked into the surgery room. I went back to the waiting room where the boys were. I told Zayn to call Cassidy and Niall to call Emily. Niall and Emily are a couple now they've been dating for about 2 weeks. Within 10 minutes Cassidy was here. She went over by Zayn nd made him fill her in. Once she knew everything she looked at me.

  I had been crying softly this whole time. She now had tears in her eyes too. She got up and came over to me.

   "How are ya holdin' up Lou?"

   "About as good as you." I laughed through my tears. She giggled a little then immediately went back to tears. I hugged her for a while. We were closest to her so we were hurt the most. No one bothered us or broke up our hug. In fact Niall got up and joined our hug followed by Harry, then Emily, then Liam, and the Zayn. About an hour of waiting a nurse came out.

   "Who is here for Grace?" We all stood up 

  "A few of you can go back and see her now." Cassidy and I looked at each other with red puffy eyes and ran to her room. Grace was in a hospital bed on her phone with her arm bandaged up. Cassidy and I walked in.

  "Hey." she said tiredly

  "Hi babe."

  "Hey chica."

  "Haha hey whore. Who's this?" She asked pointing at me.

  "Me?" I asked 

  "Yeah. What's your name?"

  "I'm Louis."

  "Oh are you Cassidy's fella." she said winking and giggling

  "No I'm yours."


  "I'm your boyfriend. We've been dating for about a month now." tears were stinging my eyes

  "Seriously,?" she turned to Cassidy "Is this a joke?" Cassidy just shook her head

         Grace's POV.

  WHAT?! How am I dating this Louis guy? Why am I in a hospital? What happened?

  "Why am I here?"

  "You were shot in the shoulder." Louis answered


  "So what's the last thing you remember?" Cassidy asked me

  "I rememeber.. getting in Riley's car after a movie."

  "Who's Riley?" Louis whispered

  "Her ex-boyfriend. He dumped after a year and a half and she was heart broken. I think he was her first love." Cassidy whispered back to him. I didn't really hear Cassidy's answer though so I answered myself.

  "Um Riley is my boyfriend." 

  "No Grace. I am."

  "No Riley is and I love him"

  "Grace how old are you?"

  "I'm almost 19."

  "Grace. You are almost 20. You are with Louis now. And Riley has a fionce." Cassidy

  "Oh. Oh my god." I started to cry

  "I'm gonna go get a doctor. You stay here."  Cassidy said to Louis

  "Im sorry I don't remember you."

  "It's ok babe, I mean Grace." just then the doctor walked in with Cassidy

  "So what seems to be the problem?"

  "Apparently I'm a year behind reality. I can't remember anything from the last year."

  "Oh yes, you fell and hit your head after being shot. I'm very sorry. You may not ever regain your memory."


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